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Export to After Effects for Blender 2.53


Export your animation data to After Effects with this script by Bartek Skorupa.

Bartek Skorupa writes:

I would like to present you the Add-On for blender 2.53 (beta) that allows to export animation data to After Effects. Below you'll find the link to the video tutorial explaining how to install it and how to use it.

The package includes the Add-On, the written manual and the example blend file that you can use for tests.



  1. Hey, it's Bartek, not Barek. :)
    Barek means "drinks cabinet" in Polish.
    Which he might have, but that's not his name ;)

  2. Bartek, I don't use AfterEffects myself but I know there are plenty of people who you'll make happy.
    However I did wonder why you don't calculate the square-pixels in the script if it ain't 1:1 or maybe you did try that...

  3. @ nobody:
    I recorded the video before I managed to solve non-square pixels. Now it is solved. The link leads to the latest version of the script. It's version 0.4. You can use anamorphic pixels with this version.

    @ Pawel:
    Niestety nie mam barku :-)

  4. SORRY > The creator of this video has not given you permission to embed it on this domain.

    This is a Vimeo Plus feature.


  5. Blending BriGuy on

    Has anyone else had difficulty getting the webpage to connect? I've been trying to get at it for several days and if it loads at all, it takes a few minutes, and then clicking on any link in the site starts the whole waiting process over again, if it reconnects at all.

  6. Great work Bartek! I'll be using this everyday to be sure it's very useful.

    I've just tested this with my own project and one thing I've noticed is that when I export the .jsx with all the objects selected I also need to include the file extension while naming... e.g. testfile.jsx as opposed to just testfile, otherwise it won't save the .jsx.

    thanks a million!

    p.s. non square pixel support makes life much easier as well.

  7. Bartek, you rock! I was wondering when a new export script would be available.

    I am curious though, about your demo video. Does overlaying the video in After Effects has any advantage over doing it in Blender? Can't Blender render video textures? I remember the game engine has that feature now.


  8. Well, the file I attached is just a simple example that shows what can be exported, but imagine how many After Effects plugins use its 3d space...
    Particular, Form, Lux, various kinds of lens flares... Ok, lens flares are mostly 2d, but you can use "toComp" expression and you have your lens flare attached perfectly... If you have for example Knoll Light Factory or Andrew Kramer's Optical Flares?
    Even this simple example with TV screens... Imagine that at the end of the job client asks you to replace the content... In AE you do it in one click not having to re-render 3D.

    I give you the tool... Will it be useful? Depends on the particular animation you are working on. In some cases you won't leave blender and finish everything there, but on other jobs...
    You can hammer in a nail with a screwdriver, but a hammer would be more useful... I give you a hammer :-)

  9. Barket, yes I wasn't questioning the usefulness of the exporter at all. I think it can come in very handy indeed! Thanks! The only thing I was questioning was why you chose to put the video screens into After Effects, but your explanation now makes it clear: so you can add After Effects filters on them, and make quick changes without having to re-render the 3D elements. Speed is of the essence when a client wants a quick change.

    Your script and tutorial are very much appreciated. Thank you!

  10. So now all I have to do is wait till Adobe is fined for their fraude and ask normal prizes.
    For the money I can get AfterEffects in Europe(The Netherlands), I can also buy a plane ticket to New York and buy it there...
    This fraude is standard for all Adobe products. If I email them to buy the (American/English) download version they still want to rip me off, same price... Adobe nah

  11. There is a script that "kind of" does it. Search blenderartists forum for that. Atom has changed some things in the script that exports AE to other 3d apps. It still has a lot of flows. In fact I am thinking about trying to make it work better, but I'm afraid I don't have enough knowledge. For my own purposes I did find some workarounds, but this is far from something that can be called professional tool. The script I am talking about is for blender 2.4, but this is not a problem. You can run the script in 2.4, save the file and open it in 2.5.
    Maybe in a near future I'll try to explain how to use it in some video-tut, but as I said - many workarounds are needed to get good results.

  12. Hello Bartek just was wondering if you are working in the new AE exporter for Blender 2.55 beta i have found it very useful thanks alot hope to hear from you soon

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