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Realworks Studios' Walk Through Video


Realworks website

Completed only using open source tools in a Linux environment.

Blender is the only tool mainly used for production.

Only other tool used was GIMP for texture creation.

Post production and editing also done inside blender.

The renderer is blender internal renderer


  1. .........................................WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How long did it take you to create this and then to render this and(last one) did you use 2.5 or 2.49b
    Wait!!! one more what renderer did you use?Internal no?

  2. Hey guys

    there's another walkthrough as well

    its here

    Thanks William

    "gorgeous! and not a windows desktop in site =D"
    never wanted trouble, why pay money for trouble. so just shifted to linux

    How long did it take you to create this and then to render this and(last one) did you use 2.5 or 2.49b
    Wait!!! one more what renderer did you use?Internal no?"

    it took a 6 member team 70 working days to complete this including rendering
    its completely blender 2.49b
    the renderer is blender internal only

    "what was that last on 1st floor a massage room ? lol"

    its a leisure room, Guys got little too creative there...

    “The renderer is blender internal renderer
    Unbelievable, amazing video!"
    Thanks. it is indeed Internal renderer

    "What compositor or video editor are they displaying on their “Mac” at 3:43?"

    Thats mac based Final Cut Studio

    "Very nice design, animate, render."


  3. hi,
    very nice and complete architectural animation. only crit from my side:

    i miss the inside-outside view! all windows are closed and the final outside views give you a feeling of being free again. finally some sunlight!

    that's not so good, because you seem to create a really nice working environment that integrates great facilities for the workers. the feeling in the animation should be the opposit from a "working prison".

    otherwise i like the animation very much and it shows again what's possible with the internal renderer.

  4. Hi thirdsense

    thats definitely a valuable feedback

    since we are more into 3d visualisation part of the walkthrough, we missed to notice what you mentioned

    and we also know that the architectural design might not be accurate

    because we are a bunch of 3d geeks trying to polish each frame of the walkthrough

    we learned a lot technically when we did this
    and we hope to learn more after posting it

    thanks for your time and appreciation

  5. Great work! I really like the composition and camera work. Very slick and polished. And the lighting was especially good considering 2.49b BI doesn't have GI.

  6. Hi avery body.

    I like very much your presentation. I am an architect and I hope to be able to do the same quality as soon as possible.

    Congradulation!! Very nice work.

    French version / version Française:

    Allo à vous tous. J'aime beaucoup votre présentation. Je suis un architecte et j'espère être capable de produire mes présentations avec la même qualité dès que possible.

    Félicitations !! Très beau travail.

  7. Very nice indeed. The quality of the modeling and rendering is just superb. I too felt a little locked in, maybe the flashing highlight on the plan view before I went into a room made it feel like an episode of 24. However, the feel inside the rooms is nice, so you just need some small tweaks to make it perfect.

  8. Thanks Guys, for the appreciation & encouragement
    Blender community is great
    this video crossed 3000 views in a single day

    its overwhelming

    I would like you guys to see our other walkthrough as well

    which is at

    Thanks again

  9. @rwstudios i assume you are involved with this video and i would be right to say that, you sir, are the best blender animator after looking at the video here:
    My hat off to the Blender team that created that in only 70 days!!!!!
    You should join the actual blender company
    you could easily fit in and help with Sintel or the next movie or game they come out with
    if i had an email address i would get your address and (serously)mail you 300 dollars
    I thought i was pretty good but i now know that is not true(though i still am going to practice so as to join you guys;))
    Well.....KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

    PS do u guys have any youtube videos or anything else?
    Because this is really good to show off blender

    So agian "Well.....KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!"

  10. How could you possibly get a render like that in Blender...
    It is unbelievable...
    I mean I have never seen that before.
    Would you mind giving some tips on how to get
    these render?
    Or write a Book my gosh do something to share this unbelievable art of Render.

  11. ....WOW! So where do I sign up for an internship?! =D
    I love this even more than I normally would, since I'm trying to convince my friends and fellow students of the power of open-source software (we had to work with Maya these past weeks... it was horrible).

    Congratulations on this amazing piece of work and good luck in the future!! =D

  12. GreenSnake750 on

    Excellent! Just goes to show you the power of Blender, and this was done with 2.49! Imagine 2.6 and all the new rendering features!

  13. Excellent render, amazing results from 2.49. In the entrance the plants in the foreground flickered a bit too much due to DOF (recomend a seperate layer render pass).

    And there is no where to park, I guess everyone (except the MD) should ride to work. And there is sooooo much leisure I doubt anyone would get any work done, perhaps no one leaves? Does evryone just live here?

    I really liked the compositing, very proffesional results, nice and subtle overlay and text.

  14. Hi, RWStudio :)
    Video is cool! Playground - I envy you :) Playroom, gym and cafetery are awesome too. But workstation... I'm confused - it's too dense there. Such a big hall and that cramped space in workstation...
    I prefer to work in my large room with an inflatteble mattress in our office without gym and playground :)

  15. @Moolah; No room for papers, pentablet, wristsupport, etc; It's bound to provide irritation and physical problems...

  16. Great archi pre-vis. So...420 man-days, and at an average India IT wage of US$4000 per year, it would only cost (with 100% labor markup) a client US$16,000 to have one produced for them. No wonder all the animation jobs are being outsourced o India.

  17. Revolt_Randy on

    Yes, it's quite amazing. A very nice video, lots of work and very well done!! A truly amazing piece of work. I would leave in the morning to do an internship there! But does the place actually exist as rendered in 3d?


  18. Like everyone else I'm really but really impress. Loved the modeling, the concept of presentation, the lighting, I mean everything. What blows my mind is that it was rendered with Blender Internal Renderer 2.49, my eyes just don't believe what it sees.
    Once again congrats. You done really an impressive work there. Hope you guys find success in your work. Continue to inspire the community.

    All the Best.

  19. Vinimay Kaul on

    This is amazing..... Using only blender internal render engine and the post also in Blender?... Amazing work. I have never been able to get such render quality without using internal renderer, not to say it is bad, but the lighting for internal blender render engine is tough I guess... It would be great if you could provide some help or tutorial on it.

  20. Vinimay Kaul on

    error in my previous post..What I meant was : "I have never been able to get such render quality without using external renderer" . .

  21. Thanks guys for the feedback & encouragement

    the place is not actually like that
    its just a visualisation of what we want it to be

    Let me see whether we can contribute a set of tutorials or an ebook about BI renderer

    get in touch in case you have any queries through our website

    and my email id is [email protected]

    all that you see in the website is also done using blender

    Sivaprasad Velayudhan
    Realworks Studios India pvt. Ltd.

  22. Great work! amasing, it is a master piece to prove to power of Blender. And great stuffs in India...
    Many congrats for the future...

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