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Current Blender Projects and GSoC Update


Farsthary is making progress on his 'unlimited clay'

Hopefully he can commit his work soon.

nazg-gul: is working on allowing modifiers to work with sculpt (No link )

phonybone is working on a particle buffer recode which should allow animated emission rates and much more customized emission features. He is also working on a made a node tree type info struct as proposed in the node code a generic type struct for node tree to get rid of the explicit NTREE_*** stuff it will make node code a little cleaner and easier to read


Here are the status reports

Jason Wilkins - Sculpt Brush 

status report 1

status report 2

Rohith B.V. - quad dominant remeshing SoC status report

Leif Andersen - unit and function testing

Nick Samarin - recast and detour (game path finding and navmesh)

neXyon - game engine API, Report 1 Report 2

Nicholas Bishop - multires

Mitchell Stokes - GLSL Shaders

Joshua Leung - physics design kit

Mike Erwin - Pen Tablet and SpaceBall

Konrad Kleine - paint tools

Konrad had some health issues this week.  Hopefully he will get well soon.  He did make some progress on stroke unification work.

There is also a  request for svn server upgrade SVN is on version 1.6.11, the server is using 1.4.3.  This would make merging easier.


a coder familiar with X11 would be appreciated to help tackle X11 drag and drop?

cmake + mingw (win32) works now


Brecht is working on hair

Campbell is working on automating hair+cloth simulation's on the renderfarm.

To render the whole film should take between 15-20 days

2k, 30min per frame max average

20min per frame average now.

~17000 frames

Reported by Tom Musgrave -Letterrip


  1. GreenSnake750 on

    I really do hope that the unlimited clay in blender will become a reality, I really liked sculptris so I hope blender gains this feature too! GOOOOOOOOOOO BLENDER COMMUNITY!

  2. I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE the unlimited clay idea and cant wait for it
    its one thing that i think should be in blender
    CANT WAIT FOR SINTEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im getting an email on my birthday so then i can go to blender forums but i want to know why i cant go to blender games now

    EDIT:HAHA on related post the top left is "Blender 2.48 updates"!!!!

  3. @(Python)Developers: I can't bugreport unregistered but is bugreporting about the python-implementation already helpful or is it considered; "We know it isn't finished and has 'bugs'..."

  4. Is "Joshua Leung – physics design kit" The built-in physics in the 3D view so it's not a GE only thing?
    if not, is it still being worked on and going to be added in?

  5. @nobody: The python API still has quite a few bugs (or unexpected/missing behaviour). If you join #blenderpython at freenode (that's in IRC), there are quite a lot of people who have good knowledge about the API and who can help.

  6. Its nice to see that so many people are working at blender to push it even more. Iam looking forward to that new painting stuff and sculpt optimizations. The physics design kit sounds very interesting too.

    keep on that great work!


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