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Creative Commons Film Group, CCFG, New Video Tutorial


The tutorial is about how to load two videos and then cross from one to the other and then render the results.

It is made with the May 26, 2010 SVN version of Blender 2.5 Alpha

Link to the text and video but you need to be a member of CCFG

You can also view just the video on YouTube

This video is made for the person that has never used  Blender 3d and wants to do video editing with a free open source program that works on all popular operating systems.

The tutorial is about how to load two videos, Gamma Cross from one to the other and then render the results.

Douglas E Knapp


  1. Blending BriGuy on

    Looks like things are pretty consistent with the 2.4x interfaces. This should make the transition to the 2.5 video editor easy to make. I like it.

  2. i personally think that 2.4x tutorial should be made until 2.5 actually really comes out not just alphas and betas. i do understand that u wanna be prepared on how to use 2.5 but still .5 isnt as good .4x cus i havent s=really used it xD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS i HATE the way they changed all keyboard shortcut commands

  3. @Mr blender: Good news then! 2.5 now allows to change all the keyboards shortcut to whatever you like!

    There is really no point in making tutorials for 2.4x when 2.5 is coming out this summer. Waste of time for the teacher and the student.

    Also they call them alphas but know that they are still very usable. They are closer to beta now than anything else.

    Good things take time to make :)

  4. Nice tutorial for the beginners, but could somebody explain why the videos started to pixelate after the transition to the external ffmpeg? The effect is very visible even in this tutorial as all the straight lines in the source video kind of a scatter around. So currently the 2.5 builds are pretty much useless for video editing.

    Well, I just hope it gets fixed soon. :)

  5. The latest build of Blender 2.5 (from ) renders my animations in half the time it took to render the exact same file in 2.49. Amazing speed improvement! Not only is it fast, but I also really like the look and UI of 2.5 (I can actually find what I'm looking for quicker too). Now seeing that the video sequence editor works well in 2.5 makes me want to use it even more.

  6. I wrote and made this video tutorial. I am nothing but a Blender fan. Blender has no control over what I choose to do a video on. I would respect their requests of course.

    I choose to do 2.5 because that is what I use and also because I now find 2.4 to be rather lame in comparison. 2.5 is called alpha because all of it, including the UI, is not stable in every sense of the word. They could change and break it at any time and likely will as they refine it and add stuff. I don't see much reason that they would change the video editor but if they find a better way to do it, you can bet it will change. That said, it has not crashed on me in two months but I hear it does crash for MS users. I would bet by the time I post this they will have fix that. And so it goes.

    The key changes REALLY bugged me at first too. Now I like them all. The one that REALLY bugged me was changing space to shift A. A hint, you can use shift A in 2.4! Get used to it now. That said, you can remap everything in 2.5, at least when they are done with it. The other thing that was driving me nuts was that the keyboard changes are ignored in KDE. I type with the Dvorák keyboard and Blender with the German one because I can see the keys that I want to type. I have now started to get used to using the Dvorák keyboard with Blender. I am not sure what the keyboard view showed in my video. Perhaps I should look at that?

    2.5 is MUCH faster than 2.4 in many things!

    About the lines in the video, I have no idea about those but remember that you are watching a video that was recorded lossless and then transcoded to something Youtube would take and then they also transcode it. Also my base video is recorded in 160x120 at 15 fps and then transcoded to 24 fps before it went into blender. At any point, It might have gotten these lines. Until I become rich or someone gives me a Red One camera, you will have to put up with my bad vids. :-) BTW I don't see the lines you are talking about, even on the YouTube version. I would suggest you make your own high definition video and then see if the problem is there. If it is, file a bug report!

    Thanks for all that have watched my vid and also those that joined CCFG!!!


  7. You don't need to in 2.5. I am starting from a freshly compiled 2.5 and the button comes pre-pressed. It even took me a long time to find it, to prove to my self that it existed. It is under post processing BTW.

  8. I'm still hoping some bright, brilliant coder puts in a way to automatically conform clips to whatever rendering profile is chosen (frame speed, size, etc) like other open source programs. Perhaps some code from Kdenlive or Openshot could be co-opted?

    I love using Blender to edit video, and hope this becomes a reality.

  9. I'm really looking forward to enhancements in the video editor UI, currently at Beta 2, and things are still buggy but an improvement on 2.4x, but a long way from any of the regular editing suits in terms of regular user usability. I hope some of the stuff from the SIGRAF papers makes it in, it looks very interesting! Thanks for the video by the way, could have used it this morning :)

  10. I see how 2.5 is a good update over the 2.4x versions, but one proble I've had with is is lag. If I make a simple model, say, a cube with a subsurf modifier set to level 3, then very noticable lag occurs when I attempt to edit the object in edit mode. While I may not have the best computer in the market, I'm fairly sure that my Mac OSX should be more than capable of processing that subsurfed cube. I know it can, because there is no lag in 2.49b.

    That's just a cube. Making more complex models is impossible for me at the moment with 2.5. Does anyone have an idea if this can or will be fixed?

    I will say this though, for what scenes I was able to put together, I did fnd that the raytracer has undergone a very impressive improvement.

    I also have a second question, are new types of video format supported by the 2.5 sequence editor? Forgive me, I'm at achool, and can't watch the video right now.

  11. Made this a long time ago back when blender only had 8 channels. That sound is totally layered with Blender.

    Of course 2.5 is way stronger with unlimited channels for mixing. Also it has all the power of ffmpeg built in and lots of sound codecs.

    You can do fade ins, pans, volume control and that can all be controlled by the animation IPO curves. 2.5 still seems to be a bit weak in this area. I could not even find a pan control but 2.4 has it so you know 2.5 will. Maybe I just did not look in the right place. One of the hazards of Alpha software is that some stuff is not done yet. I also found nothing about stereo sound or Dolby or anything like that. Anyone know anything about all this? I sure don't.

    When I need to get more in-depth I just use audacity. It is fully cross platform.

    All this reminds me, Spencer, what new video formats are you looking for? If ffmpeg can do it then Blender can and more.

    Doing more research . .. . You can use Jack with Blender!

    I have a question in to the devs to find out more. Hope I get a good answer for you!


    PS My website is now fully open for guest to view without registering.

    PPS I know nothing about sound really.

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