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  1. Well it seems like I am the first to post for this entry,
    so let give it a good vibe.
    That is totally awesome guys and girl (where is Angela?).

  2. Omg that scene is polished. I only have a handful of words to choose from but "Amazing" is a good start. =)

  3. Yes, very cool. You guys/gals are working your butts off it seems. How does the sting on Ton's whip feel, lol.
    Keep up the good works.

  4. AntonOfTheNorth on

    Well folks, I have been following blender and the Sintel development for just about a year now. I am a total newb to blender (mostly using it for modelling sets for live theatre and love it)

    I am not an animator, not a painter or a visual artist of any description so my thoughts (good or bad) about the craft of animation I'll leave to those with the skill sets.

    But I do create live, 3D moments for a living (basically what live theatre is) so on that score. . .

    I find more and more I am strongly moved by the work you are doing on Sintel. Its not the art decoration (which I like) nor the subject matter (of which I am a fan) that is doing it for me.

    It's the writing, the shot selection, the small gestures, the theatrical production and flare that is selling me on this project. You are creating something potentially quite special here. Very human and identifiable.

    Those that look for what's wrong or what could be different or what you don't have time for are missing the point. You appear to be making time for the heart. Everything else is a lesson for next time.


  5. Peter Draculic on

    ..."superb" is just not enough! hat off to you,guys/gals of Durian Team and your awesome,unique Talent!...Ton should be really proud of you!...

  6. Nice, though the wings going inside-out are very obvious in these shots. Might be easier to make wings with "thickness" only on the hems than to try and delicately weight paint.

  7. Nice, really good work.
    The only 'but' is that I find the hands a little big, at least the length of the phalanx, and, as some else said, the thickness of the wings.

    I can't no wait to put my hands on the DVDs.

  8. trinitrotolulene on

    I love the detail on the baby dragons head.If you have a chance It would be great to see a breakdown of how you made him. Keep up the brilliant work!

  9. Rar!!! unf*&king believable, that is such quality animation and also modelling makes me so proud to think this is being produced by Blender!!

  10. tehquickness on

    Simply amazing! If anyone can find any faults with that they are crazy! I am always in awe and inspired by the projects the Blender Foundation manages to complete every year.

    Great work guys! Great work.

  11. This restored my faith in the Movie. The "trailer" was missing something. this is much much better.

    Can't wait for the final Product :)

  12. Truly amazing work guys. I was totally blown away by the quality of the render and the polish of the animation. I knew you were going to do something outstanding from the start, but you've exceeded my expectations by a great margin!


  13. I'm unable to accurately express my enthusiasm for this project while being family-friendly, so I will only say that I can hardly frickin' wait until it comes out. Holy sugar-jets, it looks flipping awesome. A Darn Frigging Great quality project; you obviously aren't futzing around as you're making it. I am very schmucking anxious to see the final product!

  14. I often wonder, when seeing great samples like this: is anyone in Hollywood watching? And if they are, do they see any of the implications?

    Has *anyone* in the mainstream SFX industry begun to notice that Blender is becoming a very professional-level tool?

  15. Looks very work in progress. The shaders stand out as been distracting and an odd choice for what is trying to be a CG animation feature, it looks like the shaders are in game GSL shaders with that odd fresnel look. The wide shot environment lacks any life and the black points need addressing in comp, a little projected push in could help this a lot with slight cloth sims blowing, etc ... The animation of the hand in the final shot looks planted in thin air ... the smile also looks slightly odd, are you using morphs? use bones to drive facial features, will be more natural, seems like the verts in the smile are animating in a linier motion, they need to follow natural contours in the face ...

    Anyway, hope thats a little positive critique, its a good effort guys, but needs a lot of late nights :)

    I'll still buy a copy when it comes out.


  16. John Bäckstrand on

    Just awesome. I just browse blendernation and luxrender forums from time to time, I dont do 3D myself other than the odd experimenting with blender about once per year.

    But I have to say this snippet is just amazing! I was surprised by the animation, really like it. Much better than the trailer.

  17. Kaleb Lechowski on

    That´s really very nice indeed :) but don´t you think the eyes of that dragon are kind of inadequate?

  18. So much better than the last set of renders! I personally would prefer the dragons wings to have a matte finish because that makes more sense as a skin but the quality of the work is great.

    (also the new hair looks awesome)

  19. Great scene. it is very nice.

    My only negative comment will be that the sequence would require a very slight camera moving to add more life in the scene, and maybe slightly moving hang objects, or the moving flame of a candel or an oil lamp. Just a bit more life, and it would be perfect !

  20. Professional voice actors/ actors work very well for this.

    @David Edwards
    Maybe its not too late to volunteer some additional matte paintings! They might need some textures also. Just a thought :)
    You might want to ask just in case...

  21. Whew that is a great clip. Jaw dropping. Love the expressions. So much care put into it. Great job! Thrilled and full-on jealousy over here.

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