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Improved Drag and Drop in Blender 2.5


Recently a lot of work has gone into making drag and drop more stable and far more usful which means being able to drag items from outside blender.

Previous use of drag and drop in 2.5 was limited to only in blender itself like from the outliner and such but now you can drag content from outside blender like windows explorer or finder or even qwenview

These improvements are not  only limited to image, you can also drag into any movie files that blender can handle.

Thanks to William Reynish who has made some demo videos.

Truly Exciting times ahead.


  1. Cool!

    It would be nice if the video is inserted with the 1st frame where the marker is when you drop it in the timeline.

  2. @ROUBAL : indeed, cool it is.

    Now, even better would be to also be able to drop image on faces in edit mode. Or materials internally (maybe it's possible)

  3. comeinandburn on

    Great work Developers!!!!!

    Will this be extended to include internal operations? like dragging a material from one item to another to copy it?

    thanks for all your hard work!!!

  4. What about a way to export materials (+ additional data e.g. yafaray), either into file or directly to a web material repository, and being able to drop materials from some kind of a material list onto objects.

    Definitely great work, bright future for blender!

  5. Wouldn't it be fine if we could open up all materials in a new window and than drag 'em directly onto a mesh

  6. Exciting times indeed! Blender's UI has improved to such a degree that I sense a breakthrough soon. Or not. Either way, I'm happy as a clam!

  7. @stdecden
    That would be nice. But it would require that we create a format for saving materials, such as ".bmat" that one could then create a library out of. Of course, this would be a great idea anyway, so I don't see why someone hasn't coded it yet.

  8. This is very exciting stuff. The drag and drop of images is sort of working in the latest test release I have tried (28708 - Win 32-bit). The display is correct, but the proper texturing settings are not being automatically made so that the texture is not there when rendered. Nevertheless, the whole thing looks 'sexy' and promises future goodness. I say "Great Stuff!". I'm looking forward to more. :-)

  9. This is something that makes things a lot easier and faster in many situations.

    How about drag and drop for python files? (from outside Blender) That could also save some time.

  10. Amazing, I've been waitingfor so long for something like that!

    Blender starts to blend in the desktop! SWEEEEET!

  11. This is how you capture a LOT more enthusiasts to 3D. The easier something is, the easier it is to show it to people. They grasp it, they try it, they teach others.

    Nice work everyone absolutely! Can't wait to play with this.

  12. @Dayanto I said that broken added text drag and drop to the text editor. Does that work for you? Or do you mean something strange like dropping a python file in Blender and it gets automatically executed? I guess the first one? :)

  13. This is sweet! Thanks for all your work on this. Can you please tell me what build this is in? Also, when you add movies to the sequencer does it make Blender like a Compositor like After Effects, can I trim movies and add Audio in there?

  14. @PG
    Blender is not equipped to handle large editing projects like After Effects is. For one, the sequence editor in 2.5 is not easy to work with yet (for instance, there's no way of setting the targets of a mix effect). However, if you need to use it for short projects, it should be adequate. This will be included in any of the latest trunk builds from For windows, the two main builders for these are cog and loopduplicate.

  15. Wow! Can't wait to get this put to use. Between this and the new audio sync features (using Jack) Blender's turning into one mean piece of software. Now all we need is more features with video compositing/effects (like ParticleIllusion, AfterEffects, etc...) and we're set for life.

  16. It doesn't work for me :( (Linux Ubuntu 64)

    It works, though, with file browser by duplicated blender window, but not with nautilus.

  17. that is SERIOUSLY cool! gotta get one of those builds...which one is it though? (running 32bit Vista, btw)

    and it's William from Durian! took me several seconds to recognize him, lol

    GO BLENDER DEVS! thanks for all the great work you've all done! :D

  18. Wow ! Drag and Drop is very important for Blender. Specially for people who use Blender the first time. Also for pro users coming from Max or Maya it saves a lot of time.

    Thanks for this great feature. A big step forward for Blender.

  19. Glad to see the improvements coming along. However, for this feature, it seems more useful to drag to a material than to an object. You must be assuming that the user wants to apply the texture to the diffuse channel, and only the first texture layer. I noticed it wrote over the texture already applied to one cube in your video. For very simple materials, it looks useful, but for experienced users this doesn't seem practical.

  20. Has there been any consideration into making a 'Material Library' or 'Object Library', the same was Flash has? So you could just make something, put it in the library, then drag it into the scenes you want it, and edit the library version when you want to. And then you could export/import materials and libraries from the library.

    I really don't know if this has been considered, hence why I asking, just curious. :3

    And this new feature looks absolutely brilliant, great work devs! You continue to impress! This software has a faster and better development cycle than commercial projects, fantastic work!

  21. Great feature! And what about realtive/absolute paths from aperture,finder etc., that are (are not?) generated for upcomming external scripts (renderers)?

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