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Blender Developer Meeting Minutes May 9, 2010


Last week the meeting made a decision on switching the default for .blend file reading to "always accept Python scripts". This is to respect an important principle that "Blender should work by default". People who load external files are strongly recommended to disable this "always accept".

The security topic itself still is open and awaiting a design or proposal we can agree on with more consensis. :)

1) Current projects

- Proposals for new nodes for compositor keep coming in. Advised is still to limit the default set to a good minimum, and develop a good plug-in system and a plug-in node for all kinds of personal and custom filters.
Peter already made a design for it long ago, feedback still welcome.

- upgrade is being processed. Next week more news, there's been delays due to the need to add 2 TB more backups.

2) Blender 2.5 projects

- Dalai Felinto worked with Matt on porting the old logic editor to use UI Layout engine and RNA. (No python UI scripts).

- Blender Foundation news: Diego Borghetti accepted to start per June 2010 a half-time job as developer to handle bug reports. Matt Ebb will then have more time for real 2.5x related development work.

- Reminder: focus for 2.5x work can be as narrow as we want it... especially to ensure we can get it out in a finite time! The main target remains to ensure that the current user base will accept 2.5x as stable production software. Anything not fully related to this can be put on the 2.6x targets list.

- Matt will make a proposal for the last main missing beta target: how external configuration and resource files should be handled. This is for user prefs, keymaps, UI layouts, scripts, themes, translations, hardware specs, monitor setups, input devices.

General note from me: progress goes really well. In seven days we've seen 108 commits in trunk only, 37 in the render25 branch (Durian project). Most these commits are related to stabilizing, fixing and the 2.5 project. The reason things appear to be slow is because of lack of good docs, release logs and of course releases themselves! We're on it, but there's a lot to work on now...

3) Google Summer of Code

- Mentors already have been meeting up with students.

- Campbell made a doc for how to set up a good Linux development environment for Blender

- Students: make sure Google has received all paperwork as they've requested!

4) Durian

- Trailer will be published most likely this thursday. Delays were mainly because of incontrollable hair systems... we're doing final renders for many scenes, and all of these should be good!

- Film release date has been shifted into july now, around the 15th. Siggraph is a week later, so I will check on having a real Hollywood premiere as well :)




  1. I love these posts. It's amazing how much effort Ton and the members of Blender Foundation put it to making sure the public is aware of what they are doing and where the various Blender projects are going. Nice work and thanks for the update.

  2. @ronbravo Agreed! I'm loving these updates.

    I'm also really excited about where Blender is atm. Really looking forward to the trailer this Thursday. Also, they delayed the trailer due to hair control issues? Perhaps this means that Sintel's hair will be different than the recent posting over at The general consensus was that Sintel's hair needed some tweaks.

    Exciting times! =)

  3. 3dementia (reformed n00bie) on

    They have not time for hair tweaks IMHO it's just getting the hair to play nicely and not reach out and smack the camera. The coolest news for me is the hint at a Hollywood premiere possibility, Go Durian!!! you can make it all the way baby!

    What we artists need to worry about is Ton going off and being a big shot director/producer, wearing fancy pants and the whole bit.

  4. Thanks for the great news and work !
    Have you an idea or a target date for the first 2.5 beta release ?
    I have to prepare a training and don't know if I should use 2.5...

  5. Great news. Allways happy to hear these news from developers. Happy to know you are pushing hard to work on schedule, but finally i think release date is not so important. The quality is important. I prefer better products over the fast made ;)

  6. @ CGEX
    I don't want to hurry them, and I agree that more time they have, more Blender will be in a good shape !
    But... to prepare teaching and training, I have to build on something official, at least in a beta quality.

    So... have a release date, even if it's far away, would help me to take a coherent decision, professionally.

    I also know that it is an hard and awesome work ;)

  7. Here, here on the Python default. I'd have to also say that Campbell's doc on optimal Linux IDE is spot on. Great work as always!!

  8. "Matt will make a proposal... external configuration and resource files should be handled. This is for user prefs, keymaps, UI layouts... monitor setups..."

    I do hope this means Blender 2.5 will remember to start where I left it last time - that is one window spread across my monitors. The old command line stuff used to allow 2.4x to do this, e.g. "C:\Program Files\Blender2.48\blender.exe" -w -p -1280 53 2960 1000.

    Pleeeease? :-)

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