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  1. 3dementia (reformed n00bie) on

    Yay Endi! Congratulations on finishing! Modeling, Texturing, Sound Effects and Score are great! Idea and theme are excellent too. Weakest point is the animation, but you already knew that and warned us...Fantastico!

  2. Well, The lighting and textures, music was great, models looks awesome as usual, this side of things everything was good... two things were weak though, I thought, No1. Animation... dude that guy was sliding all over the place. Go to the blender shop and get the animation training DVD, it really let this piece down. Second, well the story lacked substance. I mean you could probably write a better story if you used 3ds max right? LOL

    Great work otherwise dude. Respects!

  3. Good work endi. I do agree with the comments above. Lighting, shading, modeling and compositing is really nicely done, and you have a distinct style, which is really nice. But the animation is lacking in most respects, I would suggest you take a look at known animation books from Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston and Richard Williams. Keep it up.


  4. The character animation is lacking, but the environment is gorgeous. I would like to see, how it has been done.

    Of course, composition and music are nice, too.

  5. Not professional enough. You should use 3dsmax or request better animation features for Blender. Maybe a make-better-character-animation-button would be enough? ;) :)

    Modelling, texturing and lighting is superb! Good work. The camera shaking is a bit to much for my taste.

  6. Wow, Visually its awsome. The style, the detail everything!!. Its been said and I know your aware but the warriors animation is distracting.(I'm a total newbie and mine sucks) yours is just distracting... his feet dont seem to contact and he's a little robotic.

    Of course, none of that matters as I was scared to blink incase I missed the detail. And the ending was class.
    Please, please please, put a tut together on the environment and lighting.. awsome!!

  7. Well, no more to say : Very nice look, great modelling, texturing, lighting, compositing, and score, but the problem with the "flying" feet is very obvious and disturbing. It is a shame, because locking the feet on few frames is not the most difficult part.

    This said, it is a very nice film. Congratulations.

  8. Very good work, lighting, shading and texturing all really good, but like others said animation did let down your piece slightly but for me that wasn't that big a deal. I felt the camera and transition between each shot was what let it down for me. The camera was almost always moving which is usually a bad thing when it comes to a beginner trying to use a camera and get a shot right. The use of fading in and out between shots just didn't work in my opinion it felt as though the next shot was supposed to be a completely different scene and have a different story to tell instead of being a continued shot. I think a straight cut between shots would have made the piece better.

    All in all though a very good piece of animation!

  9. I agree with the fading in and out looking not so good.
    I agree also with the amazing visual quality.
    Excellent music too!

    But I do not agree about the animation being weak. Yes it is not natural, but

    1) it really makes the character move like a toy (remember toy story :)
    2) can you hear the sound the warrior makes? Lol, it must be difficult to move in that armor, so the animation makes it clear
    3) lastly, it makes the character look so cute and funny, LOL :)

    I want more!

  10. Beautiful visuals! Yes the animation could be better, but (putting my critical hat on) I thought the weakest elements were the camerawork and editing.
    The pan up from the ant stopped halfway as if it was a first-person shooter, and the camera shake needs to be a LOT faster to look like actual camera wobble.
    Too many repeated shots of panning across undergrowth and the warrior marching through undergrowth (especially because, lovely though it is, it all looks like the SAME undergrowth). The music was a bit overly dramatic when nothing was happening, and there are repeated fade to blacks inbetween shots of nothing happening. You could easily cut 2 minutes out and tell the same story with much greater impact.
    That said, the visuals are absolutely top-notch and the ending made me smile. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  11. If people have all the skills to do this,
    why don't people thing a bit more for the scenario.
    why wasting render frame for such classic and uninteresting concept.

    Ok the rendering the compositing is brilliant, but I prefer
    to see a not so good visual aspect and much deeper scenario.

    Most of the frame are to show that the little warrior is going through
    some bush, well we've gathered that.
    And finally he chops strawberry....come on guys.

  12. Its all been said before the models/materials look lovely. The music was slightly OTT but I loved it. The edit was misleading as dip-to-black disolves usually indicates that a period of time has past since the last shot. The animation lacked polish... maybe just an IK solver on each heel would have at least added some weight to the foot steps. Overall the short was great and quite inspiring. Wish I had a rig which render at the same speed. :)

  13. nice! the camera shake is really interesting, it's as if someone's actually there filming :D

    i love the environments, they're totally awesome!

    really cool :D

  14. Wow! This is extremely impressive work. Well done. Projects like this really prove Blender's viability for commercial use. And to think that all of the visuals (modeling, texturing, lighting, animation) were done by one guy! Endi, You have my complete respect and admiration.

  15. Very nice, although the sliding feet jarred me. Endi, didn't you know Blender 2.5 now has a button that fixes that?

  16. Hi Endre,

    That's really good modeling, texturing, and lighting and i also liked the compositing.

    That's really a good one keep it up and thanks for sharing your work.

  17. wow - super job! I most liked the story - very imaginative, simple and something we can all relate to and the animation style fit that perfectly. Save that blend and consider re-rendering it again in stereo 3D when that becomes a big deal this summer!

    Thanks for sharing

  18. @Dread Knight haha, not really...It's just what Endi always says about Blender users wanting a magic button from devs :P

  19. Lovely but a few small things:
    1. His feet slip backwards when walking
    2. The camera pan right as he walks left looks strange
    3. The fluff should blow with the breeze not against it or without it.

  20. comeinandburn on

    Looks Great Endi,

    Unfortunately I have to agree about the animation and story...

    You seriously have to hook up with some animators and writers in the community. It just seems like your MASSIVE modeling/texturing/lighting/rendering skills are going to waste.

    I don't mean you any disrespect I just think you could produce some seriously mind-blowing Shorts by just sticking with your strengths.

    You've already found a great sound designer.. there's gotta be people out there that love to animate but hate the texturing/rendering part.

    Still enjoyable to watch!

  21. "3. The fluff should blow with the breeze not against it or without it."

    Strange. I have seen this in the reality. Something bad with the reality?
    All films must be primitive by the idealistic and ordinary?

  22. Very good lightning/compo, and nice optimized rendering time results for HD on your machine.
    But please, I really think you should redo the animation of the feet and re-render it. It destroys the movie as it is right now. Or maybe provide the blend files and ask the community for an animator skill.
    then you could proudly remove the quotes on "animation" :-) 

  23. man excellent work.. love your metallic materiel and softness you have given for the leaf. And In the last I just felt little bit of oddness in proportion on between your warrior character and the boy. Other than these good work

  24. You've no doubt seen the cult classic, "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" (yes I have the special edition boxed DVD set) and of course, the Return of the Killer Tomatoes. Love it. Such a magical world...with such good strawberries which I love.

  25. First, I want to say great work.

    The only thing visually strange to me was that everything had an "animated" look, not unlike BBB (not putting that down, just noting), but the (dream) warrior was very photo-realistic looking. He seemed out of place in regards to his environment. You could almost say you made him too well!

  26. Inspiring to see another finished work. We all have ideas for an animation, but rarely the dedication, enthusiasm (or skill!) to actually FINISH one. Well done Endi!

    Just one constructive criticism - there were too many dips to black in the edit. More simple jump cuts would give a smoother experience.

  27. Impressive materials, texturing, rendering, lighting, compositing.

    Character looks very unappealing to me, dumb expression in the face, strange plastic skin.

  28. differentsmoke on

    Gonna side with the douches here: the animation might be weak, I didn't pick that up(I do think it moved Ok for a miniature piece of armor, kinda like a toy, yes), but seriously, the story(or lack thereof) is a real downer. As someone said, tons of shots of the armor just walking around the (awesome!) foliage, and the whole it was a dream angle is kinda over used(besides, apart from the kid's style not being to my liking, the character concept is a bit odd, he has real medieval implements but is wearing 20th century clothing, I'd say 1950's). I would rather have a story that doesn't follow the usual "set up, development, punchline" structure, and be more in a documentary style, but that it showed some actual progress(different scenes, locations, a journey). Either that and come up with a more fleshed out story, this felt rather like an excuse to make a short.

    Apart from that, awesome job in all things technical, even the animation.

  29. Yeah. It looked beautiful. As been said before, the animation and story were pretty weak. Unfortunately (starting at the long credits), I got bored and kept clicking forward to get on with the story -- which never was quite gripping.

  30. This was nicely done. As stated before, animation was a bit off. Lighting, color/shadow/models and the general atmosphere were fantastic. It set the mood very well (I'm thinking of the opening/pan shots), outstanding. The story was the story. Its tough to stuff war&piece into 4 minutes. Oh, and the flower/plants modelling was really good too. A good effort. People who say nay can put up theirs and see if they can do better (posting, not talking will prove it).

  31. All great, even the animation of the plants, flowers and flying things. The warrior animation is quite bad. Feet slides like those animations created by Animation Master, and the walking needs lots of work and improvements.

    It is a shame because the rest has a Hollywood look to me.

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