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Very uncomfortable yet intriguing to see; I kept thinking of Elephants Dream while watching this.

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I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. wow, that was pretty awesome! I really like the disturbing atmosphere it creates. would be cool to see more in that direction!

  2. I don't find it especially disturbing...

    Some nice stuffs, but no discomfort...

    Does it cause the viewer to die a week after? :) (J/K...Ringu reference...)

  3. no offense, but this is just some random models slapped into an animation film.. no story, no connections, nothing..
    this is not art; it's garbage..

  4. this caused a weird creepy feeling when i watched it..somehow the pictures and the sound make a disturbing liaison....
    its well done technically and i guess is meant as some sort of bender art-vantgarde, but however its somehow odd and hard to pinpoint what the film is about...i kinda liked it but on the other hand it made me feel to switch it off instead of watching it to the end...
    definetly this is not one of those feelgod animations like the bearubs or bob and brenda...when shown to a avergae tv-audience i guess some would run off in panic...

    especially your dislike proves that it has the quality to upset someone ...lots of people would agree on that its a form of art since it can do so, but thats just my 2 cents:)

  5. I couldn't watch it over and over. There are fancy stuff/ideas in this movie, but this makes me feel this movie was made when the 3d softwares started to grow, with clean lighting, clean style modeling, cold animation... Very experimental. But somehow the interesting thing is that this looks like a puzzle (David Lynch movies) we have to resolve. However, is there something to resolve?

  6. If you watch the movie without sound it really looks like nothing at all. It is only when you turn on sound that you get the full effect. I am very impressed by the sound use, yet without sound I feel that there isn't very much impressive about this movie.

  7. let that be a lesson to all of you. Sound design and editing are very powerful tools... this held up with simple models and no story but it still seemed compelling.

  8. I think it is important to look at the title, much like a poem. "chromanid" brings up feelings of an artificial humanity. like a "humanoid" I feel like it is a comment on how strange our lives can be in this age of technology... I especially like the shot of the hair balls that all have there own mirror. a very strange and artificial self pride.

  9. I can't help wondering why this disturbs some people. Could it be a cultural thing? A question of experience? Do some Blender users know something most of us don't? Or is it all just the power of suggestion...?

  10. SomeOtherFellow on

    Hmm, a combination of animations that do not have ANYTHING in common. The music combined them, in a way. I self did not enjoy this animation in any way possible... If there really is a meaning behind this animation, it wasn't clear enough for the major audience to understand...

  11. Well I enjoy stuff like this, just pure randomness and a feeling of what's gonna happen next to a bit of a meditative stare. But hey that's just me I watched it three times already. Love the sounds and I love that there are people out there that do stuff like this.
    Anyone remember that old cartoon about a line a ball falling in love? that's one of my favorite cartoons.

    And I should add I've enjoyed this more than some of the other blender animations I've seen before (and I did like them), so bravo.

  12. It is about the moments in life we ignore in the run , without knowing the real truth behind our life and that in the end : money , and other objects are just objects the end we are the ones that die cause our own creation.

    Real life it is creappy why see it different ? We must accept the reality ... that`s the diference from the artists and regular persons.

    An real artist knows that life is only life , and everything worth to survive ...we can make fun things but somethimes we must do some horifing art to get you all from that letargic dreams.

    A good video made by an artist for artists.

    The message behind it it is : Live your life!
    Life goes away with every beat of your heart not your clock in your hand , some live 50 some live 20 some live 80.
    Simple objects with a heart beat in them put the message "objects don`t have life , other that your life you put in them".
    If the beating sound stops means the life stops and the object remain objects just like your body melt in eart eaten by worms...that`s life

    It has nothing in common with "Elephant Dreams" , in Elephant Dreams it is about emotions and mental balance.

  13. Sound certainly helped make the abstract visuals tactile.
    I do wish the surface materials had a teeny bit more work put into them - so they felt just as tactile as the sound.

    Enjoyed it!

  14. This was very interesting. I'm the type of person that likes to know why things work, and how they work, so this video got me wondering why it seems disturbing. I think it is because it is stuff that shouldn't be happening in the natural world, and it just seems so supernatural. It also brings your own personal experiences to mind, that's why some people say it's enjoyable, others say it creeped them out. This is just my psychological take on it, but considering I'm a teenager with absolutely no education in psychology, don't rely too heavily on it =P

  15. ...I don't understand why I'm seeing comments like "impressive on all fronts". Really? Blender is awesome but Blender didn't make the sounds... the things that were made by blender looked like they were student works and did NOT exemplify what Blender is capable of. Is this really how we want people thinking of Blender in terms of quality?

  16. OK, I get it (hangs head in shame). As soon as I get home I'm throwing away all my unnecessary peripherals and getting another hamster.

  17. I can take a poop, rub it on a canvas, and say it's /supposed/ to upset you...

    but just because it upsets you, that doesn't make it art...

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