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Blender Developers Meeting Notes


codeA cup of cocoa, anyone?

Hi all,

Current projects and 2.5x

  • Cocoa Blender
    It seems like Blender for OSX has a bright 64 bits future after all! New developer Damien Plisson, experienced OSX cocoa coder, has picked up the porting project again. Design for the port might involve some shuffles in the Blender windowmanager, for which some reviews and careful steps will be needed. Best is to move this to a branch for now. More information on the Wiki.
  • Backporting 2.5 features to 2.49
    Benoit was contacted by users to port 2.50 work he did on armatures in GE to 2.49. He wanted feedback on this issue, most people advised against it.
  • Fixes in 2.49b branch
    Rendering specularity slowed down render too much. Jpeg 2000 wrote wrong alphas.
    Team discusses shortly if we would do a 2.49c update ever. No consensus here... not much enthusiasm either!

Merging branches

  • Mesh speedup project from Lukas can be merged, but will be default disabled in code.
  • New Raytracer: merge is waiting for final fixes and tweaks
  • Collada: merging is in progress, windows version needs work still

Other projects

  • Nurbs project is back, porting things to the 2.5x code over now.


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  1. it means the Nurbs project (currently in the 2.49 branch) will be ported over to 2.5x code.
    once that is done and everything is stable it can be merged with the 2.5 trunk (if everything is good enough :) )

  2. I'd welcome fixes in the 2.49 branch, 2.5 won't be stable until after Durian, according to the roadmap. 2.49 might get used for some time still.

    Even if the enthusiasm for more 2.49 releases is understandably low for the developers, if the branch still gets fixes interested users could compile themselves or get a community build.

  3. Hmmm I dont think they should port the features into 2.49 I enjoy the anticipation of 2.5.
    As for Fixing some 2.49 problems that would be nice but I'd rather them spend the time on 2.5.

    @Real arts 3D: I'm not sure what your saying but you can download blender 2.5 at

  4. I am a 3d Noob and have tried to start with blender a few times but was scared away by the interface. I have tried a grapicall build of 2.5 and love it! It feels much more logical and self explanatory, thanks!

  5. scary sounding death-toll for osx ppc version? i hate to make any part of blender strictly osx api dependent... if that happens then blender will break every time apple decides to release an update... ??

  6. @Sanne

    While Blender 2.5 won't be 'stable' until after Durian, it will be very usable for average joe's by Beta1 or Beta2 by the sound of it. I'm personally of the opinion that they should just concentrate on the development of 2.5. Though, if they find the project deadlines are extending then it would be a better idea to give the 2.49 branch a dust off.

    I'm also very much against back-porting new features to the 2.49 branch. We've moved on people. =)

    I'm loving reading these little updates. I'm very proud of our Blender devs and the marvellous work they're doing!

  7. Hello to all.

    Some said that maybe Luxrender was going to form part of Blender. Was it just some rumours or is this a real perspective for the coming versions?

  8. Blender Outsider on

    Concentrate to make 2.5 through 2.6 stable. Leave 2.49 where it is otherwise it's 2 steps forward 1 step back instead of 3 steps forward.

  9. I wont mind a 2.49c. I am working on some project that use 2.49b extensively and its crashes from time to time, and at times with no recovery. In fact it crashed twice today.
    Back port would be welcome, it will give dev[s] time they need. But 2.49c is more then welcome.

  10. Please don't waste more time on 2.49 updates. It's a far better use of developer time to bring stability and features to 2.5 rather than go backwards. We're all excited about 2.5 and we'd hate for the release dates to be pushed back by porting new features to an outdated release. As a Mac user I'm very worried about "porting" Blender to Cocoa. Cocoa has a few advantages, sure, but every time I see a great program try to do this we end up getting no Mac release at all -- and that would be heartbreaking. There are very few great Mac developers (compared to other platforms) and we've been screwed time-and-time again by them disappearing in the middle of ports. When Cocoa port succeed they are usually several versions behind the official releases. Please don't ruin our Mac releases!

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