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Zsolt Török 'BetaSector' wrote:

My team has just finished our first video! It is a "mood test", an apocalyptic scene with a dark soundtrack and some pictures from/about Chernobyl. The whole project was about randomness, tryouts, and making something without a proper purpose, just for fun and for learning more about our applications. We are a bunch of beginner 'artists', so do not expect much.

dreD (DeltaSector) made the music, retouched the photos and some posters

wizzyy edited the video and added the pictures, the effects and the music on

BeatUhse come up with the poster ideas, and some other stuff for the scene

Fotelman is our first voice actor (I decided not to use him for this project, because as I wrote, it is not about a story, but his demos were all good.)

BetaSector come up with the whole idea, did the modeling, set the scene, rendered the video and directed the whole thing.

About the Author

Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Ok, not bad at all. My only crit is the constant flashing. It made my head hurt. Though that's probably just me.

    But love the mood of the video! Great effort.

  2. That didn't seem totally pointless. It just seems disconnected. Obviously it's about the after math of something terrible that happened. The flashing bothered me a little bit, but it was still a cool effect.

  3. Мужики, я всё понимаю, но зачем в кадр попала надпись paradise inn? Если это УССР, то давайте по-русски хотя бы.
    А так, молодцы, делом заняты.

  4. I liked it a lot.

    If I might make a suggestion, the flashing effect is a good idea but right now it's too intense to look like the kind of luminosity variation you'd see on an old film and too regular to look like an electronic video glitch. Depending on what you want to do I'd either attenuate the effect a lot or add some longer pauses between the actual flashing and some intention to the duration of the individual flashes. A few short ones followed by a longer one to add emphasis to a scene for example. It would really add a lot to the end result.

  5. you caught that mood quite well:) i seen it before i read the description and could clearly see the similarities to chernobyl...guess it has to do with the backdrops now and then showing a place like Prypiat and the reactor.
    cOOL video,
    I took the flashing effect as a result of film being exposed to radioactivity wich results in a very grainy and spotchy image quality, i m not sure if that was intended but looking rl footage of stuff around chernobyl you got that quite lifelike!

  6. Thank you guys for the critiques, and Nixon, you guessed almost right. It is supposed be a simple "old film" effect, but I like the being exposed idea a lot more.

    Nikitron, I can't understand you :S, could you write it in English, please?

    ps.: the pictures are from Prypiat, as I remember.

  7. Nowherebrain/JustinBarrett on

    It's true, some people don't read anything. I was actually a bit moved by it...expecting a heaping pile of crap, I was pleasantly surprised, very nice work.....go with the flow.

    + great mood, good use of color/versus mood relationship
    + good music
    - over did the effects a bit, should be subtle enough to cause debate among the team(lol)
    - the flickering, bit too often.

  8. It's a good attempt and a moody short. I have only two concerns:

    * Buildings and objects overall look too boxy sometimes. Texturing also can be improved. Rendering/lighting issues were covered by FX quite well :)

    * Content. For me it was the biggest problem. Authors say, that this is about Chernobyl, Pripiat city. Then why in the beginning we can clearly see "Biohazard" sign? It was a nuclear power plant, that exploded, it's radiation. I know, that this sign looks cooler, but c'mon. Pripiat was a new city, built for power plant workers. In video it looks like bunch of shacks and hand-driven wells. I am not talking about english signs on the buildings.. I also cannot understand the idea of the chairs on the top of the buildings. People have watched the nuclear mushroom? :)

    Ok, this critique might seem too hard for "experimental" work with a mark "don't expect anything", and it is. But my advice is to stick to the main idea, OR do not attach to the facts (like real city or event). Because knowing something about these facts can ruin whole experience of the view, if they don't match drastically. Good luck with next projects, first finished complete video is quite a thing already :)

  9. Shw, the story is messed up, and you can see anything in it. It is because it was made in rush (only 3 days of modeling/texturing and 2 days of rendering and 2 days of after effects. And yes, it is low-poly, because I am still learning about memory usage and the whole 3d concept, and i couldn't think anything but to have lowpoly thingies and shitty textures + shitty resolution for a "faster" render.

    imbusy, thanks :)

    Thank you guys for the critiques, it is allways welcome!

    ps.: the mood was the first motivation :)

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