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Tutorial: Painting time-lapse by David Revoy


david-tuto-lezard-300x186The Durian marketing department (if they have one ;-) is slowly starting to wake up. Today, David Revoy revealed a preview of a concept art painting time-lapse video which will be included on the Durian DVD. He uses Mypaint / Alchemy and Gimp on Linux.

From the Durian blog:

As a preview of what to expect in the Durian DVD box - and most probably also an additional title in our “Open Movie Workshop” tutorial DVD series, our concept artist David Revoy made this incredible cool time-lapse video of a concept art painting. His workflow reveals great tips and tricks, a must see for everyone who's in awe about watching people with artistic skills, and for every artist who is interested to learn from the masters!


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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe the creative process at work here. Just beautiful.

    Proof, if it were at all needed, that Durian will be something quite special. If you haven’t done so already then go put your money down for a copy. You do know it’s going to be absolutely fantastic, don’t you? Don’t you!?! :)

  2. invertedNormal on

    yup, Durian is going to be stunning. great work David!

    there's a little scene in Horton Hears a Who that is anime style -- i think it would be cool if a little scene in Durian could use Freestyle and some cool painting techniques like this to add a little variety to the style of the movie. just a thought ;)

  3. Hey thanks for feedback and comments, I will keep around if you have question.

    @dyf_ & @oxygen:
    For screen recording , I use GTKrecordmydesktop , and after I encode the *.ogv video to avi with mencoder. All the text on black background rounded are pictures with PNG transparency done in Gimp. I import them on the video sequencer of Blender and play with "alpha over" and IPO ; as well as playing with the "speed" effect with IPO. At out of Blender , I compress with mencoder a final time to adapt it to Vimeo.

    @Mal :
    At the end I use Gimp to import and paste my signature "DR." , I like to keep in my last piece this same graphic signature ; but last cropping can be done on Gthumb or other simple photo software , of course.

    Awesome idea, btw , 2D full sequence can be really time-consuming in a production if we plan the hi-res rendering output.

    Ha ha, I have to share this picture waiting the creation of the real OPABTS foundation.

  4. invertedNormal on

    Heya David

    I of course meant to do it all in 3d...
    i understand there's already alot to accomplish for this project, but it would be a really neat opportunity to extend Blender's painting and/or toon shading abilities in conjunction with the Freestyle integration to accomplish something like this painterly effect in full 3d. i hate to reference another app, but something like zBrush's new PaintStop plugin or MyPaint's brushes would be a neat addition for projection painting in Blender...

    no matter though, you're going to make this a visually beautiful film no matter the approach!

    cheers ;)

  5. Hi,

    great work, of course. My question is, ¿what is the final resolution at you work with (width x height) ?

    As you said, at big resolution brushes become unresponsive, at least in GIMP. Mypaint seems not so affected by this, but it has logically other drawbacks. My main interest is to paint and then print, so I would find the best balance between resolution and application responsiveness.

    Thanks in advance, and keep illustrating us!

  6. David,
    This was extremely entertaining to watch and I will watch it several more times as well as forward it to other artist friends who are not into digital but will appreciate your creativity. BTW, I enjoyed your French accent. It is also beautiful.

  7. This is briliant and fluid painting!

    just a thought: would it not be good if MyPaints brushes etc. were in some way integrated into Blender for painting things in blender? just like the way SharpConstructs tools were integrated into Blender.
    There would be a much quicker workflow for painting backgrounds, textures etc.
    the painting tools in blender are a little limted when one compares it to MyPaint, I am certain that it would a long time.

  8. WOW this was so awesome, i never seen a timelapse like that but it was just great to see how all the shapes formed from chaos and how nice all the stuff came together in the end.
    This was a huge video, the creator really has great talent and skills.

    Funny part with the heart between the snake and the dragon :)

  9. Woow! David . simply impressive. amazing results .I know alchemy but this freaking use is simply o_O . Congrats not for the picture only ,but the whole entire video capture .

    The subject is very beatiful, i think i have fallen in love. :D . Do this kind of thing without an sketch is just a miracle. Man, you rocks. I don´t know much about Durian Storyline but this kind of costume is cool. nice mixture between WOW and Matrix.

    Critiques, not . how can i critique the cute monster you have done on the Tail? hahaha.

    best regards and kee on doing this kind of things. just love it.

  10. Hey thanks all :) Very cool comments

    @Ramon Miranda : Thanks for the message , it's touching to get it from you.

    @amdbcg : Thanks, I work drawing & painting since I'm 12 years old ; I'm 28. But I spend some lazy years about learning new things. I think someone can learn very fast how to have a similar skill with good lessons.

    @Virgilio Vasconcelos : Thanks :) with


    For all , I did a "link collection" of all I use in the video , ( I will upgrade the blog , vimeo with links too):
    Alchemy :
    Mypaint :
    Gimp :
    >gimp-for-painter :
    >Gimp Paint Studio :
    Linux Mint :

  11. That is so awesome. I love stuff like this it's so captivating, it's like magic eye pictures where the image and details just seems to pop out of no where. I just thought Durian should so have posters.

  12. Great stuff!

    Perfect tutorial except for the text that's sometimes a bit hard to understand; it would be nice if someone helps you proof read the text the next time, unless you decide to speak instead (which I wouldn't mind). :)

  13. Thanks a lot,
    I'm still amazed with the wimeo counter ; rise 6000 view few times. Thanks for watching !

    @Raimon : My final piece is 3141x1959 pixel , I just manage this size speedly to have a good resolution to work on the girl face at 100% ; that's why in Gimp during the timelapse ; I resize 2 times. First time to make the picture bigger than 2.5K pixel on the biggest size , second time to adjust a bit more to have all the face of the girl in my working virtual sheet at 100% , that's all :) ( and I even do a mistake just before ; I do "Canvas size" instead of "scale image" )

    @Markus : I use a Wacom Intuos 3 A4 at home ; and bamboo fun A5 with laptop. I recommend always tablet with A5 size minimum and 512 level of pressure minimum.

  14. Wow ! Very beautiful work. Impressive timelapse.

    I wish I'd have your skill, but I fear that the only thing that I'm sharing with you is the french accent !o)

    Congratulations David !

  15. I've tried again Mypaint thanks to this video, it's awesome, but in the Windows version, I can't figure a way to make work the brushes that David Revoy put on the Mypaint Forum... that's the only thing I hate TT_TT

    (Hi from Spain, David :D)

  16. amazing piece of art...
    i tried alchemy...the truth(IMHO) is : these applications are a great tool for artists, not for mere mortals like me :DD

  17. @Patrick Connelly:
    For video combining, I use only Blender Video Sequencer ; all the label are done as PNG with gimp ; I import them as image and play with "alpha over" and IPO to get smooth transition. I played alot with "speed" effect too.
    For the Zoom ; I used the effect transform with IPO curves.

    In Windows, I don't know , but it should look like a folder "brushes" in a "mypaint" one, and all of this is certainly in your user folder, or application data folder.

  18. Thanks David for your help, but there's no way to add your awesome brushes... I hope I can find how to use the someday...

  19. Sorry, I found the problem, I downloaded the 0.5.1 brushes by accident, so when I downloaded the new ones they work great! Thanks for all David Revoy ;)

  20. I tried alchemy and I couldn't really see anything. Makes me worried about my career as an artist, seeing the stuff you pull out of your imagination. Anyway, good video and stuff.

  21. trop trop fort!!!
    merci pour ces vidé va valoir que je décortiques cela au toute personne qui a un minimum de don pour la peinture prend UN GRAND COUP DE POING dans la figure en voyant ces vidéos..........
    je pensais que c'était impossible de faire un rendu "aquarelle " avec un logiciel (mouillé sur mouillé)
    chapeau bas l'artiste

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