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Heiko Klug featured on PSDTUTS


Guess what?  Another great artist is using Blender in his workflow!  His name is Heiko Klug (Jesar,) and PSDTUTS recently did an interview with him.  Heiko Klug is simply inspirational!

My personal favorite quote of Heiko Klug from the interview is this:

If you want to make money in a short time, then go to the casino. Sure you can also lose everything, but that can also happen if you work with the wrong clients.

Check out the interview here!

You can also find Heiko Klug at his official website and at

Warning: Some of his work on his website and deviantART page contain nudity.  Sorry about this!

About Author

Benjamin Bailey

I am a young creative artist with a dream to conquer the world with my ideas. I love singing, writing, drawing, and modeling in 3D - and I'm ready to put these skills to use.


  1. Wait a sec... is he saying that freelancing is roughly the same as going to the casino and throwing money down on random odds?

    Because if so... I have to disagree.

  2. @redbyte: Of course not. :) He is advising caution on which clients you choose to take on, and (as I elaborate,) that if you take on every client that smiles your way or waves money at you then you might get ripped off or have a 3-month job fall through with no paycheck to show for it. Freelancing is excellent, and I hope to do it myself. But I need to be careful that I don't rush too fast and try to accept any commission that is offered to me, but that I would be patient and take the right jobs.

    Hope that helps to clear things up. Thanks! :) -b

  3. Wow. Didn't come to Blendernation for a while and this morning I log on and what do I see?


    I absolutely love what that guy does. It doesn't try to show something or throw a story into a picture, he just want to do pretty stuffs.

    Made my day, thanks Banor

    Hope he will continue to have success (and continue to blend).

    @redbyte Klug doesn't exhort you to go to the casino.

    He just says earning money when you are a freelancer is not easy.

    You could sell your work to just anybody, and accept contracts from just anybody, but you might end up loosing more money than your earn from your contract, and for Klug this kind of attitude is akin to gambling, hence the Casino thingy...

    He prefer to work for things he can pour himself in. So he prefer to select his client instead of accepting just any jobs and give a half-finished uninspired product that will hurt his image as a consciencious designer.

  4. @aws357: Thank you, that is very encouraging. :) And thank you for the clarification on the casino reference.
    @florinel: Sorry to hear that. :(
    @ccherrett: Sorry, I should have warned you. :( I knew there was nudity on his dA page (at least one deviation,) but I hadn't re-checked his artwork since I originally looked into writing this article earlier this month. I have added a "nudity" notice/warning at the end of the article. Let me know if that suffices.
    @TxRx: Thanks! It is great to see Blender being used with other programs such as Photoshop. Some people do short animated films, other people do music videos, still other people do tutorials, timelapses, and so on. It's great to have all these resources, but I think it is excellent to see a professional graphic designer (?) using Blender in his (at least personal,) workflow. Anyhow, 'nough said. :)

  5. malefico:

    The big deal is I am a married man with children who home schools and works from home. I have my children around all the time and consider BN a relatively save zone for reading 3D news.

    Not everyone thinks it is OK to look at other nude people they are not married to.

    I see a warning as respectful at the least.


  6. banor,

    Thank you for the consideration.

    I would state it as:

    NUDITY WARNING: blah blah blah

    makes it more clear


  7. malefico,

    I am a Christian and my beliefs stems from a Biblical stand point.

    Do you approve of your daughter seeing naked pictures? If so is it a religious thing? cultural? Where does that belief stem from?

    Are you married? If so how does your wife feel about your views?


  8. "I thought it could be a religious thing" so what if it was?
    that quote about the casino was stupid in the end you always loose there as the odds are against you. gambling is an addiction and used to milk people from theire money and sanity so comparing it with freelancing is plain stupid. Amen.

  9. ccherrett, I have nothing but respect about your beliefs. However, IMHO there is nothing wrong with the naked body. My daughter is used to see my wife and myself naked every now and then, and i'm pretty sure nothing is wrong with her. Nudity in art is pretty common, I can't see why my wife would worry about it.

    I did a distinction between nudity and porn however.

    Ysvry: would have made more sense to me than just being afraid of the naked body. Peace...

  10. malefico,

    I have no problems with the naked body, after all I do have 5 children. (I will let you figure that out)

    I do draw the line with that naked body I am looking at only being my wife.

    Anyways all I wanted was a heads up that it is coming so I don't have to look. Really no concern to anyone but myself. If you want to fill your head all day and night with naked pictures then go to town :)

    But please count me out :)

  11. Dn't be sorry about the nudity, 'There is nudity on his personal sites' is no different to 'That bus has leather seats'. Don't like leather? Don't get on the bus. But please do not be sorry that an artist uses nudity in his work.

  12. Personally, I don't think Blendernation should even link to sites containing nudity. Very few people really want to avoid nudity, they just know it's not good for them. It makes it difficult to avoid temptation when a link stares at you.

    I really like the space picture, though... an amazing new artist, and I welcome him into the Blender community :-)

  13. @moley - might want to specify whether you don't think banor should have been sorry for not including a warning or posting something with nudity in the first place? The situation differs from your example. Everyone knows that buses have leather seats (or at least the greatest percentage of them do), however, not everyone knows that that specific link they are about to click on will contain nudity, so it is good to warn them, I think. Banor's response was kind and courteous, IMO.

  14. @ccherrett and Cameron: Thank you, and I really appreciate your stand for what you believe. Thank you. ;)
    @malefico: Thank you for your opinion, too! :D

  15. @ccherrett: Thank you. :) If you ever want to contact me, you can find me at cedarsoflebanon -at- gmail -dot- com. Cheers and God bless, -b

  16. Thank you, banor, I am glad you are respectful of our beliefs. :-) Hats off to everyone who managed to pull off a level-headed, non-heated discussion on this sensitive issue.

  17. @Cameron: You are welcome. Thank you. ;) If you would remember, please keep me in your prayers that I would find what I believe on these issues. Thanks. :) On a different note, I visited your website and noticed that the links "Film" and "Blog" don't work (or lead back to about.php?) Anyhow, cheers!

  18. Banor, I would be happy to pray for you! I'm praying for you now. Just curious, what exactly do you believe in general? I mean, what worldviews do you hold?
    As far as the website, I just started it a couple months ago and haven't quite gotten to coding the blog and the film page yet. :-) So I used a link to "#", which is HTTP code for "do nothing", basically. ;-)

  19. @Cameronl: Thank you! If you wish to discuss it, please contact me at the e-mail address I supplied to ccherrett. Alright, that makes sense. :)

  20. If you don't have a DA account or you do have one but you haven't explicitly turned the setting on you won't see any nudity. So it's really pretty "safe".

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