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  1. This looks extremely fascinating... but I can't make out any of the fine details. Are there any plans for a DVD on this tool?

    I hope I'm not the only one excited about the prospect of 3d animation having the ability to be loose and fun like traditional animation. Not saying it's not already like that, but the flexibility this brings to the table has the potential for adding a new "exageration pass" into a production pipeline.

  2. Thanks for sharing Pepeland!

    Even if you aren't doing cartoony animation, this technique would be great, because there's always a deformation or two that you could never fix during rigging or animating. Anisculpting would be an easier fix than photoshoping out the bad deformation.

  3. @Jetbird Yes. Blender is more popular now than it was few yeras ago. But beware of we-know-its-name companies.
    Anyway if Blender is GPL maybe THEY should be aware of competition, even if Blender do not support parallax mapping:)

  4. Au contraire messieurs, I think it's nice to show that Blender and Maya can coexist in the same workflow.

    I know some professional french 3D artists and they say the only thing that retains them to jumping into Blender is the lack of "support". Mainly support regarding rendering pipelines (well that's their excuse for not trying Blender for now... don't flame me).

    Of course you might say that Blenderartist and forums are here for that. But many average professionals don't have the leisure to browse a forum when the deadline is for yesterday :D

    But if you can get some job done in Blender then back to a more familiar setting for rendering and stuffs, then why not. It can only make Blender all the more popular.

    Soon professionals will have to know Blender because it can be used for "tricks" that would take hours to do with Maya.


    Go pepeland go !

  5. It was only a matter of time befores something like this was implemented for Blender. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is a pretty standard practice between packages (we have our own custom equivalents here for other commercial apps).

    I must say I like the ease of use on both sides of the process. Look forward to playing about with this one :D

    Great work Daniel!

  6. Hmm, blender as a maya plugin.

    A better idea, how about maya as a blender plugin.

    Seriously Blender can do the modelling. No need for Maya.

  7. I like how much better the model looks inside of Blender than Maya. We will definitely put this in our arsenal once Pepe releases the scripts. We are developing much the same thing between Max and Blender at the moment.


  8. @Agile
    I have heard it does have parallax mapping, if I recall it is done through the warp thing. I dunno though.

    This is going to put blender into larger productions for sure, great for the pipelin I bet,

  9. Wow, that was a nifty tool. I don't know but when I saw you switching from Maya to Blender and vice versa, I realized how Blender's interface and style was better than the other. Or probably it's just me. ^_^


  10. you can always use the mdd import and export scripts in the same way, but I do not think there is a free mdd plugin for maya or max. Lightwave and xsi have them built in though.

  11. a few people were complaining about using this with Maya... I have to point out that the reason most studios don't use Blender is the very thing this brings to the table. In most circumstances a lack of training will be the cause but in others, the studio already has Maya and people already know why switch? This gives it that foot in the door that it needs.

    Another point.. I love modeling in Blender and 3dsMax.. animating... give me Maya any day. That's just me, but I know I'm not the only one with specific preferences like this.

  12. @Nemesis: because Maya is too big!!! (much more functionality as in Blender!!!)!!!

    I like the idea of having a workflow with Maya and Blender too!!
    Can I have that PlugIn, please!!!!

    And thank you aws357!! That's my opinion, too!!
    I think - in opposite to by far the most Blender-Users - that the big CG-Tools can exist together with Blender!

  13. HEHEHEHEH, we will soon buy out blender, turning it into a badly developed plugin, and everybody will pay bigtime for our foul products, MUHAHAHAHA heil-autodesk

    (for those who are offended: sorry)

    ps: autodesk is EVIL!!! dumbasses from alias-wavefront suck too, even if maya is kinda cool, compared to blender it sux ass
    thumbs down for 3dsmax, maya, softimage, autocad and the rest of em...

  14. @WHOHOOMaya:
    Thumbs down for extremists in this world!!!
    You don't really belong to us!! Whatever Blender- or Other-Users!!
    People who argument this way are the evil ones!!
    Defamations should not have a place in a forum like this!!!

  15. @agile

    Well I got to learn about blender from the internet by an accident that changed my life. And Blender's name is quite well knowed, just some people don't know what it can do, and when they read the feature list and see blender made projects get so excited and download it as soon as possible ;) I always admired Blender for its very good trend to not follow others but dictate the feature list. I mean they do projects and develop blender to suit the projects that brings new tools. if it was chasing other whales it would be yet another application, but now it is alive, it has its own zone, that is admirable. Being your self rather than being someone else. I am just aware that blender might forget to follow its own path, that is so amazing, if it will look to others. but that is just me, you know, sensitive person that admires everything that is a light of freedom in the darkness of monopolies and stuff like that.

    In my eyes blender is better than M already in it's own way and is getting better and better every day!

    oh I ma so grateful for the ones who created blender project that evolutioned to magnificent tool!

  16. That's really something. Really a powerful tool for 3d animation. But it requires animator more skillul, I hope I can chase it up.

  17. please make it available for osx and 2.64 :D
    maybe we can have a fundraiser, most maya users don't even try blender just because it'd be too hard to translate all of ther knowledge to blender quick enough to test it in a project, with this scripts we'd be able to let them do so :D

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