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Gimp 2.6 released


We received multiple emails about the new version of the Gimp, an indispensable part of any Blender artist.

LightningIsMyName wrote:

Finally, after months of development, GIMP 2.6 is finally out. GIMP 2.6 is the
new stable version of GIMP which includes various changes such as:

  • Interface reorganization
  • Ability to pan beyond the image borders
  • Improved free select tool, text tool
  • Added new brush dynamics
  • Extended the flame and screenshot plugins.
  • Porting of the entire GIMP core to GEGL

The new GIMP is good news to us blender users since it now has more
features, and it's easier to use thanks to the user-interface updates.

For all of us who use GIMP for postwork, texturing and many other uses, this is
great news =)


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Bart Veldhuizen

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  1. let's just hope they improve the layer management next. layers are a hunted and endangered species. They need more protection than just transparency.

    hm, would be cool if Blender could support gimp cxf layers, so you could use a single file to have multiple texture levels (:

    Hooray for all the improvements (removing this border restriction when painting is really cool)

  2. The good thing about the porting to GEGL is that this opens up the development of long missed features such as Photopshop's layer styles and adjustment layers.
    GIMP will have a very interesting future!

  3. Marcus wrote:
    > The good thing about the porting to GEGL is that this opens up the development of long missed features such as
    > Photopshop's layer styles and adjustment layers.

    "Layer blending" is why I still use Photoshop (PS) instead of GIMP. PS has had this for at least 10 years.
    I also need high bit depth for HDRI and dislike the clunky disparateness of the floating menus/tools. That said, however, this did catch my eye (although I was aware of the plugin)...

    "This enables window managers to do a much better job of managing the GIMP windows, including omitting the Toolbox and Docks from the taskbar and ensuring that the Toolbox and Docks always are above image windows."

    Given Krita's features and its apparent Windows port, though, I wonder if I should continue to check in on the GIMP.

  4. EmailMeforMore on

    Just incredible how tablet preassure control is estable now... Don´t forget to update your drivers Wacom users!


  5. Wait, where's the flames? This is weird, seeing somebody make a post about the Gimp that doesn't have a flamewar ensue. Did I come home to the wrong internet? :)

  6. I was also expecting a flame war. I must say I'm pleasantly surprised not to find one.
    Also, yippee. I'm always happy to see new releases of my favorite graphics apps.

  7. Hopefully they have added the ability to 'sticky' the tools and layers dialogs, so you don't have to alt-tab to find them. That's the main deterrent for me.

  8. Awesome! Time for emerge -av gimp!

    One improvement I'm really looking towards is the ability to have multiple formatting styles within one block of text. That would REALLY help!

  9. Doh, not looking that good,

    played around for 10 minutes and got 2 crashes and 1 freeze so far.

    also tried to follow the "create new dock" thing from the help files but it seems that the files are outdated already..

    must say, i didn't expect this much crashes.

  10. redbyte wrote:
    >Hopefully they have added the ability to 'sticky' the tools and layers dialogs, so you don't have to alt-tab to find them. That's the main deterrent for me.

    Same annoyance for me. I want the UI layout they have in but I can't seem to make it happen.
    There is some settings under options > window management but changing these don't seem to have effect (I'm using windows xp btw)
    And I can't make the tool box less than 4 columns wide. Anybody knows how to make a setup like the one in the screenshot??

  11. Klesus

    I would like to know that as well - I cannot find anywhere an option to make the
    tool bar and docks float on-top of everything.

  12. @Klesus

    On my Ubuntu machine the tool bar and docks are on the top.

    I don't think that feature is compiled for Windows. I wonder if you could use the "Always on top" function on Windows as a replacement?

  13. i dont und this. what the use? The latest versionof Gimp (2.6) is not a part of the supported application pack in ubuntu 8.04 or 8.10 either? so what do we do? how do one complie source code version? no idea here.

  14. @jadhav333

    Generally there is a little time before linux distro maintainers add the latest versions to their 'stable' release either waiting until it is 'proven' stable or possibly because it's all voluntary work and the maintainer hasn't got round to it yet.

    You can get a binary from the gimp and or gimp users websites in the mean time. I could say check what repositories you have listed but as I'm a fellow Ubuntu Hardy user I haven't got 2.6 yet with most of the repositories ticked. :-)

  15. @Blendroid: I only see source code packages, no binaries. And if there are binaries they should make them easier to find since I can't find them.

  16. Sadly, the normal map plugin will not compile for it.. I wrote the author a note letting him know how much we love and admire his work.. and that it is such blessing.. blahblah.. please make it compile for 2.6 :)

  17. Now if only the canvas rotation were already possible. I have been whining for this for many years, and at least photoshop is finally doing just that in cs4. But with GEGL and non destructive editing, it just might be in there somewhere in the future.
    And I've read there are no more choppy brush strokes. Still have to test that... but: YAY!

  18. I wish I could use only one window and sock the tools like some of you already said. I just cant understand why it wont work. Is there something gimp has against windows. Just make it an OPTION GEEZ is it really that hard to do for software programmers or what?

  19. Ignore 'random', he seems to be a troll that I've seen also on other GIMP related sites.

    People saying GIMP should have a tools on top option for windows: It does, it's the same option as on Linux. It doesn't work because GTK+ doesn't yet implement the required window hint correctly for Windows -- if you want it fixed, go work on GTK+.

    The improved panning is pretty handy for textures and tiles.

  20. ahh David we randoms are all different, but i'm the one above in these comments. now I see why it doesnt work, people dont care about what doesnt affect them, basically they said "we dont use windows dont make a modification for windows" . I dont want to work on implementing it into windows because i dont know much, or care to learn about the language to do this.

    you have to wonder about this though how long has gimp been available for downloads? all versions? some years now. how long has people been asking for it to have the tool and paint window up at the same time? the same length of time. It seems like the team at gimp is deliberately stepping over themselves to not implement a working system. hey it's their choice to do so, we windows users dont like it though.

    MSPaint>Gimp simply because tools are available to the left. makes no sense but it's how i feel.

  21. Try using desktop pins to 'pin' the toolbox on more irritating alt-tabs to get you lost in the windows....however im sad that resizing the brushes option (vector brushes) is no yet implemented :(

  22. quote: "your os should provide a mean to keep that window over the other ones."

    Windows does, if the window you create is set that way. The toolbox shouldn't be a top level window to begin with.

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