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WebComic: Cibertito, Compiling life's source code


Blender, Inkscape and  GIMP (and Ubuntu) have been used  as the only tools to produce a new geeky comic which launched today. Mixing 2D characters with 3D environments:  Cibertito is the story of a geek teenager and his group of friends in the Freedom neighborhood.

These kids are obsessed with computers, software, networks and of course Internet. This is a 2 years long project (counting from very first drafts/script)developed in Colombia at Parquesoft Bogotá.


  1. hmm, interesting. could be cool (don't care for the style, shading...) ;D more, please! great that you're using FOSS!

    Best wishes...

  2. Looks great!

    Nice hook for the historytelling (I mean, "the move" ;)

    Great mix between background and chracters... I guess the dog needs more... Movement?

    Congratulations! Beautyfull site as well... Keep going!

  3. Not really funny, look at the caracter list, it is all "...Although he is still in high school, this wonder boy is an excellent programmer of C, C++ and Assembler. His favorite operating system is FreeBSD, but he likes GNU/Linux distributions like Debian and Fedora...". Plus, the 2d style doesn't really match the 3d background which seem to be too realistic. And, althought they only published one cartoon, they already created a merchandising section. So, either I missed a big, hidden, comical resort or its sole interrest is to have been made with free software, being an ideological showcase.

  4. Looks really good mix of 2D & 3D they complement each other very well.

    The characters look good and as with any comical characters they are exaggerated, it would be pretty dull if the characters were accurately depicted for their age and interests :-). Tito reminds me of myself about 5 yrs ago when I was always compiling something new coming out and had just read Linus Torvalds book, 'Just For Fun' and watched the 'History of Linux' DVD with all the main players giving commentary to the birth of Linux.

    happy days

  5. lol... he reminds me of me... I'm a high school student who programs in C++, Java, and Python, I dual booted my machine with Ubuntu, and blend loads...

  6. That's a lot of padding & promotion for just one page of comic. Am I right in understanding that the comic has already been made over the last two years and now they are drip feeding it online? If so, they should perhaps think about showcasing half a dozen episodes for a proper release; hit the ground running.

    Qualitywise, I would say the background renders don't contrast enough versus the foreground. They should make the foreground items better lit against a darker background (or vice versa) to make them stand out. Right now they kind of muddy into each other and it's hard to see.

    Nice to see the marriage of all those Open Source apps. Would be useful for inspiring other students who can't afford commercial alternatives.

  7. A bit more cel-shading on the foreground might help it stand out. Maybe a more flat coloring.
    The biggest problem with the comic, though, lies with the dialogue. I gather the writer is not a native English speaker -- the dialogue comes off kind of stilted and unnatural. If the comic's not been done already as Lancer suggests, it might be a good idea to get a native English speaker to rework the lines, to improve the flow and timing.

  8. Its a nice style but the comic is lame, I mean, you are desperatly trying to stablish the geekness of your character just by sticking words like kernel or freebsd.. nobody talks about the kernel all the time without a reason. It feels like "look at me Im a haxor".... dunno

  9. Do you remember 'Hackers' with Jonny Lee Miller and Anelina Jolie? I don't know why but this comic reminds me that movie ;)

  10. I didn't think Blender currently allowed a mix of the 2d look with black outlines with a non outlined 3d background ... unless the background was rendered separately ?

  11. In the section "Behind the Scenes" you can find some details about the way they do it. Check the gallery too, there are screenshots about it.

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