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Animated Action Comedy - "Da New Guys: For The Winnings"


newguys.jpgThis 15-minute short film is packed with so many reasons to like it. The level of graphic detail is well-suited to the style of animation and storyline...really good stuff.

Created by Chris Burton, he writes:

Hi, I'm Chris Burton, the creator of IceBox Games, a freeware games studio.
I've just spent the last six months creating "Da New Guys: For The Winnings", a
15-minute action comedy using Blender.The film follows Brain, Simon and Defender - three pro-wrestlers - as they do
battle with washed-up actors, obsessed fanboys and a gang of nerds.

I'm pretty new to Blender, but I'm pretty pleased with the film! I hope it
proves to be a fun little distraction. I'm still getting to grips with video
uploading, so I'll try to have a higher quality version up pretty soon.

Here's another link to the movie (lower-res version), just in case the one above gets "BlenderNationed".

There's talk of future episodes of Da New Guys, let's hope so! Be sure to check out the Icebox Games website.


  1. Congratulations for your job, it's really great !
    I've got few questions:
    -How many hours did you spend effectively to make this?
    -How much time for rendering?
    -Are you going to make a making off?

    Thanks for yours answers and sorry for my bad frenchy english.

  2. Thanks Blendernation - a real honour! And thanks also to everyone else for the kind comments

    In answer to JPA:
    -Too many! It was quite casual at first when I was set and character-building, but once animation started it really took over. It was pretty much full time outside of a part time job for 3-4 months, but I averaged around 15 seconds of animation a day.
    -Rendering was a mere 3 weeks, thanks to the ResPower render farm which really saved my butt :P It meant there was a lot of file-handling/uploading/downloading, but I'd say 250 frames in 15 minutes? (Compared to 1 frame in 5 minutes on my machine - yikes!)
    -Love to! Especially since I'd like to explain to my friends and family why it took so long ;) I know it's pretty simple-looking but I did have to make quite a few workarounds to make it on my ancient PC. I'll look into it!

  3. Great Work!!!!! i love this style. The animations are fluid.
    And the hole story is funny as hell.
    Hope to see more of this.

  4. that was brilliant! Great job :D I would definitely watch more.

    You should have made the winning 3 symbols the Blender Icon, hehe.

  5. great job , specially animating , even they are not very detailed , the movements look really realistic in terms of animation movements.


  6. Great Story and Fight Choreography!
    The character design is also Cool and the way you chose to do expressions (mouth, eyes, etc.) is really well thought, simple but eficient ;)
    The only problem is that now we need to wait more 6 months for the sequel :P

    Just one question:
    Where is Mancandy!?

  7. i loved it. i loved the style. he choreography was well done. the writing is good. a few artifacts and glitches here and there but not distracting enough to take away from the over all experience. probably could make a series out of it.

  8. i'm not a fan of wrestling, but this movie got some big smiles on my face!!!! (and some happy laughs)

    you did a nice job and i like the visually simple characters (they got charm!) and especially the mimics are done great!!

    so: congratulations from my side too!!!! *looking forward for your next release* =)

    ps: sorry if there are failures in my english - hope, you got the laurels nevertheless

  9. Take note blenderheads! I think we can all learn a lesson from this film.
    It doesn't have to be fantastically rendered for it to hold the audience. It has to be witty, with a good enough story to hold the audience.

    I'm walking on thin ice here, but I think even the Elephants Dream team can take a note from this film *hides*
    I showed elephants dream to my family the other night and half of them walked out about 2 minutes in. Two many fancy effects, not enough humour and story.

    My 2 cents! Please don't kill me!

  10. This is unbelievable. I've been a fan of this genre for some time and am hard to impress. But this blew me away. If I'd walked in half way and someone had said it was a clip from something on general release I'd probably be awaiting the DVD. One polite request to Icebox: Don't Stop! Ever!

  11. @Andrew
    Not all storys are suposed to be funny :P I think as long it toutches you deep in your Soul you have a good movie. But one thing is sure, althoug It isn't easy to make a funny movie, it's easier to people like it ;)

  12. Awesome film Chris! Your stuff will be on the big screen in no time, I'm sure.
    Really funny and very very watchable. Super stuff !

  13. Truly remarkable animation for one guy. It shows you that it can be possible to make a 15 minute animation with few people.

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