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Autorig script


AutorigThe Autorig Script is a very interesting tool, which can automatically add bones and constraints to a newly created autorig-armature. It can easily setup an armature for a character.

To download the script, along with a guide on how to use it, visit this link. The author of Autorig is called Niels, and besides this Script, his web site has a lot more tools and tutorials available for Blender.


  1. This could actually be very useful, is the author taking requests? If it would be possible to create my own generic rig to integrate into this system, then "autorig" dozens of characters with my custom rig, that would be sweet.

    Either way, systems like this are great to play with, Even if you don't end up using the rig, any free rig is great for experimenting and learning from other artists' solutions to common problems.

  2. ToastBuster: You can already do just that :) I kept it very generic from the beginning in order not to constrain myself...

    I will upload the latest version 205 tomorrow...the puppet-rig has also a new version.


    Dion Moult: Me, makin' a video? I am in the middle of making a film called Jonah..., so, I can't some promise any instruction-video 'this week'... :)

  3. Apparently something went wrong with my previous post.

    The link to this featured script is dead.

    "Not Found
    The requested URL /blender_scripts/ was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/1.3.37 Server at Port 80"

  4. Thanks Andrew, but I'd already checked there and only web pages appear to be cached, but not other files like the one in question.

    This, by the way, is the second time dead-linking has happened with a script featured on BlenderNation. Isn't there a script repository where featured scripts could be centrally located?

    Anyone have this already? Care to re-host in the absence of the author's version? Or send to me and I'll host/seed/spread it?

  5. put it up again !!! :)

    sounds very interesting to me ... and like someone allready said : blendernation and blender absolutely rock !! i love all of you guys which make my days better and better every day :)

  6. I have just a subdomain there and the full domainname( seems to be temporarily offline.
    IAlthough I am not the owner, he told me 'bills are checked and paid'. So, my best guess is crossing some downloadlimit?
    I can't do anything else than wait at the moment... :(


  7. Andrew,

    Thanks for the offer but even the mailboxes is offline, so I can't even email...


    I hope there's some solution on monday.

  8. Niels, sorry for your hosting woes.

    A free Yahoo email account takes 2 minutes to set up using nothing but your browser. You can email the files from there to any of the willing friendly folks here.

    You can also upload to one of the many free file-storing services online and post a link to it here and on the blenderartists site as well.

    You have many options to bypass your hosting service is what I'm saying.

    Hope your site comes back up online soon. Don't forget to let us know where you put it so we can mad rush it!

  9. The max. webtraffic of the domain is upgraded... :)
    Hope it's enough.

    I am gonna change the website pictures to smaller ones etc, before setting autorig205 on the site :)
    Probably done tomorrow since autorig204 isn't buggy, autorig205 is more 'oops, didn't I implement that yet?'


    Dooter: 'Free' Yahoo and such I consider no option, I am not selling my webspace for 'free' and don't want to bug people with gathered emailaddresses, etc...'for free'... Hey, that's me. free=free=no_strings_attached ;)

  10. My only point was that you could easily set up an email away from your defunct hosting service and send your script to someone else to host elsewhere until you sorted things out. I was indicating the numerous options you have to distribute your script using services that actually work.

    I said nothing about "bugging people" since they would voluntarily request you send your script by email to them, I'm not sure how you added that part in since you seemed to just make it up from ... nowhere? Why would people be bugged by you doing them a favor and emailing them your script? I would think they'd be grateful, not annoyed, wouldn't you?

    The part about "selling" your web space for 'free' makes no sense at all to me at least. No idea where that came from. You can't sell something for free, it's a contradiction in terms, right? Again I made no implication whatsoever that you 'sell' something for 'free', maybe you could clarify.

    Maybe it's just a lost-in-translation type of thing going on. No harm, no foul. Someday we shall all speak Esperanto! lol

    Oh, and just to top things off, the link still doesn't work. :-) Which, for some reason? Kinda funny.

    Best wishes to you.

  11. The webpage cannot be found
    HTTP 404
    Most likely causes:
    There might be a typing error in the address.
    If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date.

    What you can try:
    Retype the address.

    Go back to the previous page.

    Go to and look for the information you want.

    More information

    This error (HTTP 404 Not Found) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but the page you wanted was not found. It's possible that the webpage is temporarily unavailable. Alternatively, the website might have changed or removed the webpage.

    For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.

    This is what came up when I tried to open the link.

  12. Well it seems that Niels's site was blendernationed - something like slashdotted?
    Lucky me got the script (version 204) and while not everything was like expected on my 2.45 linux blender (e.g. no entry in the wizard menu) the puppet.blend is a very very nice, cool thing, worth the wait.
    I can at least understand why Niels wants everything delivered from his page, and compared what big effort must have gone into this script, some days of delay don't count .... and compared how much time this script might save you, either.

  13. Dear people,

    I just checked the presents of the site myself... ;)

    the correct address is:


    @Dooter: To cut this short; I don't want my page, to be commercialized by ads, for the sake of 'free'. I understand that you said it to help, thanks anyway ;) is probably one of the things I would make use of in the future...

    @Aya Hu: Thanks, it was indeed 'blendernationed' ;) I didn't try it myself using Linux, but placing the script in the .scripts should place it underneath 'Wizards'...(at least for Bwin32).

  14. Hey Niels, the site is up, must be heavy load rigth now :)
    Putting the script into $HOME/.blender/scripts made it appear also. Now autorig :)
    Superb stuff!
    Just wondering what comes with 205?

  15. I now have autorig205 online.


    @Aya Hu:
    I don't keep a record of changes.
    I/you expect the script gives the same functionality/options as with Blender.
    I do recall adding support for IKSolver -> limits for example...
    My strategy is not 'only' to implement what I will use myself, but to implement what's offered in pythonBlender.

  16. I have been desperately trying to download your damn autorig script and .blend files - everywhere I go, I get the same error 404 --- are you (the author) not competent to host this file?

  17. I wish this would work, seems very interesting and useful. Why doesn't someone with the file upload it to an alternative website?

  18. You could always just upload it to and put the link on here. It's free, and won't go off line, at least until you get the page back up...if you're ever going to, that is. If I could get my hands on an actual autorig script, it would save me countless hours.

  19. People, this "Niels" is a wannabe coder...

    He has no script.

    If there was one by him, it would exist...


    Now, if you want a fast way to rig your characters with a BVH mocap (motion capture) go to

    Follow the instructions and links on those 3 forum pages to the end.

    Then, go to and copy and paste, then follow the instructions from the last post from "ThomasL" in that thread...

    It says this...


    I have made some updates to the MakeHuman cleanup script, just in time that the upcoming MH 1.0 release makes the script obsolete. The new version can be downloaded from

    Instructions for use:
    1. Put the file "" in your Blender startup scripts folder.
    2. Create a model in MakeHuman. Export as Collada.
    3. Copy MakeHumans texture files from their source directory to a directory of choice. On my Windows machine, the texture files are located at "My Documents\makehuman\rendering"
    4. Start a new Blender and choose "File->Import->COLLADA 1.4 (.dae)". Run with "Only Import Main Scene" and "New Scene" selected
    5. Run the cleanup script by choosing "File->Import->MH cleanup"
    6. You will be prompted to select a texture file. It does not matter which one you choose, as long as it is in the directory where you put the MakeHuman texture files.
    After a few seconds, you should have the textured mesh on layer 1 and the armature with descent bone names on layer 2. For some reason the armature can only be seen if you tab in and out of edit mode, or select it in the outliner.
    Since the script makes assumptions about what things are named, it is important that it is only used in a clean Blender. An error is signalled if there is no imported mesh with the expected name.

    What the script does:
    1. Clean scenes:
    After Collada import, the Blender file consists of three different scenes. MH cleanup deletes two of these and moves all stuff into the third.
    2. Vertgroups by materials:
    Vertices are assigned to vertgroups according to their materials
    3. Make materials:
    Texture files are loaded and assigned to the materials.
    4. Lift UVs:
    Due to a bug either in MakeHuman"s Collada export, or in Blender"s Collada import, all UVs fall below the texture file. This is fixed.
    5. Rename armature:
    The bones in the armature are given more descriptive names than "jointxy"
    6. Delete skeleton:
    The skeleton mesh is usually not wanted, and the verts in the corresponding vertgroup are therefore deleted.
    7. Remove doubles:
    Verts that are closer than 1e-6 BUs are merged.

  20. Well, this might be a stupid question, and I am full of that particular type of question... but I'm confused about some things. I use ZBrush, and I love making characters with it. I mean I've used MakeHuman before, all the way back when it was still a Blender plugin, but with Zbrush it's just so easy and looks so good, so is there a way to use the obj file in the new MakeHuman, so I can get it into I can use the "autorigging" you described above?

    Here's the pipeline so far, that I use...

    1: design a character in ZBrush
    2: Import as an obj file
    3: Tweak as needed until it looks right,
    4: Sit there and look at them with their arms all stretched out in the T Pose, because I really really really suck at rigging.
    5: Save and close Blender. lol

    Here's the way it would IN THEORY work...

    1: Design a Character in Zbrush, save as .obj file.
    2: Import into MakeHuman, maybe?
    3: Save as COLLADA
    4: Import into Blender
    5: Run the above mentioned MakeHuman Clean-Up script
    6: Have a fully rigged, non "pretending to be an airplane" character.
    7: Animate the character finally
    8: Possibly take over the world?

    If any of that made sense to anyone then please tell me where I went wrong and or right, because I like hearing I'm right more then wrong. lol Thanks for any help you can give to a poor confused bad-at-rigging fellow Blender user.

  21. OR!!! How about this?

    1: Make Character in ZBrush and save as obj file.
    2: Import into Blender and make it look cool with the before-mentioned tweeks
    3: Import into Makehuman I guess to change it into Collada
    4; Back round again to Blender
    5: I got a fancy rigged character that want's to kick @$$ and chew bubblegum, and is all outta bubblegum! Yay?

    Did I do it? Is that it? Did I win?

  22. Nevermind, I found BlendRig. It's fairly easy to use, and I don't have to import and export except from ZBrush and Blender, plus the 3.1 alpha has the ability to make your own bones to rig your own characters. Good stuff.

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