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Mechdroid: Game project


MechdroidMechdroid is another game project developed in Blender, with a very simple concept. A mech droid must push some cubes to a nearby platform. It`s not as easy as it sounds, the Mech has a limited supply of fuel, and you have to push all blocks before the fuel ends.

Do you think it`s possible to improve the game? If so, go ahead and try it out! All the resources and Blender files are available to download. The project is in development, and all help to improve the game is welcome, as says Chico Ortiz the main developer. If you want to know more about the project, visit the Mechdroid website.


  1. i think an FPS (first-person shooter) would be the best type of game that would be able to showcase all that blender can do in its game engine. i've started one of my own....AAAHH!! programming is very difficult....

  2. Furthermore I disagree with cy3. There are so many FPS games in the world already that even a seemingly well-made blender FPS would quickly drown in obscurity. It would also be a waste of good physics.

  3. ...blender needs some sort of built-in control that would map the mouse position to camera rotation, object position, etc....doing it in python is a pain

  4. blender's game engine needs enough work that if anyone could pull off an fps, it would prove the impotency of the game engine itself

  5. it need improvement in, i'd say,-- logic/programming (not that i have anythnig against python itself) and shading. the physics are good.......8P

  6. and Bmud, as for your "waste of good physics comment" ... my response is WTF HAVEN'T YOU EVER PLAYED HALF-LIFE 2?!?! how could you possobly make it sound as if an fps doesn't showcase physics? in that case, what type of game would you expect to not "waste good physics"? tetris or pinball or something? those games are WAY too common and often crappy. no one is ever like "wow! this 'Blender' has potential! look at the way that ball bounces off the wall!"

  7. To be honest, it looks pretty boring - I have nothing against the development model, but seriously, the objective of the game doesn't really sound all that to impelling to me... maybe if it had good gameplay as well as being original...

    Man, chill out - and try not to post so many consecutive times in future - generally, going on a rant about a program (or programming langauge) everbody loves is destined to start a flame war or something - if you like blender, but want to improve it, go ahead, as you said yourself that programming outside of the game engine wasn't hard...

    Btw, mapping mouse movement to object movement from python should actually be pretty simple if you know what functions to call to get the mouse position and stuff! You make it sound like a lot of work, but the whole point of functions in programming is that code reuse - you can make one function to grab the mouse position and another to map it to the rotation/transformation of a given object. Providing you make them general enough, you should be able to save them to a seperate module and then simply import it in all your future games anyway...

  8. I like this little game... the main reason for it is that it is very different than other blender game projects, which are most of them FPS or adventure/rpg... I also think the gameplay is quite well thought, and this is a game that has good chances to become a finished game, which is not so common...

  9. lol, this is the discussion of multiposters^^
    7 multiposts, 'til now (not counting the first one), once even 3 in a row xD

    I like the design of that robot :D
    But (besides the fact, that I'm far away of doing such good work), it's not a that special game...
    It looks nice, but I wont play it very long.

  10. Hi everyone!

    Thank you very much for the reviews, it was a big surprise to see this game published inside this Blog, it is a honor to me, i thing other games deserves it more than mine.

    Joeri posted some very nice sugestions right here about Mechdroid:

    I know that gameplay needs to be improved A LOT to make this game playable, my inicial effort was to make a very very simple demo able to be understood and modified by Noobs and help people to get started with Blender game engine.

    Actually i think there is a a lot of incredible games being made inside Blenderartists! Epat talked about one: "Organica", i like very much Tomorrowman's crew games, Corey is a very gentle and inteligent person.

    The game Mechdroid is open, please fell free to contribute. We need a lot of help. Change everything you want (I hope you found something usefull :).
    I have more than 1 GB of test files for this game. I tested rigging and colision since version 2.25. If you are experiencing some trouble during your game development i will be glad to help.

    Critics and contributions are welcome!



  11. WOW! Organica looks awesome. Also, Francisco, thanks for adding your own words. I didn't realize that it was a work in progress - the website gave the impression that it was completed. I think Lorca made some of the best comments in the forum. Take a look at a game like Ratchet & Clank. Not that you should expect your target noob audience to model that much, but props can give a wonderful sense of scale. Also, this game isn't time based, so the background (space!!) could be much more animated with rockets and things to watch when you're sitting there trying to decide which way to go.

  12. Yeah! To have space as a background is awesome! Your sugestion about rockets and asteroids is great Bmud, i will probably add this animation issue... (maybe it should be part of the gameplay why not? ;).
    Currently the sky dome for mechdroid su#5z! I need to complete redo it :).

    Ratchet and Clank will be usefull as a reference/guide to make textures more apealing and it also have a very cool character design.

    Maybe it was early to have this project posted inside Blendernation, it is more like a kind of WIP as Bmud said, but it is also great to find some help and criticism.

    Bye ! See you!

  13. I have a question regarding the mechdroid game. It seems you have the items that the camera views in scene D to show up in scene C. How did you do that?

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