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Elephants Dream in Flash HD demo


Elephants Dream at AdobeA few days ago, an interview with an Adobe developer for Flash Video was published in, which is a blog about Adobe Flex and the future Adobe Apollo. The video shows the future capabilities of Flash video, like HD resolution and hardware acceleration. But what it has to do with Blender? Well, one of the videos used in the demonstration is Elephants Dream!

If you want to watch the interview, visit this article in and watch the interview until the end, since Elephants Dream shows up in the last part.


  1. Well, because it's more open than any other movies, and exists in HD, elephant dream is bound to become an iconic demo for HD stuffs :)

  2. Really happy to see the Creative Common license allowing such great exposure for the Orange Project team, the openness really pays off.

  3. @basse: I guess I can take your word for it! :P I have heard that one of the Lead Artists for the movie is a real genious! LOL!

  4. Adobe talks to us:
    OSS is great, look, with an open movie we can prove the power of our proprietary-patented-DRMised "messing with web W3C standards" technology.

    Isn't it great?
    - Adobe team

  5. I like what he says as soon as he sees elephant's dream....

    "The quality is like, spectacular!"

    I prefer to think he's not talking about the .flv player. :) Great job Ton!

  6. It's really freaking that a lot of blendies don't care about open standards.

    You see a good news here, i don't think so.

  7. Ben: Elephants Dream is under one of the most liberal and 'open' creative commons licenses. I'm not speaking for anyone on the team and what their opinions towards Flash video may be, but true freedom means even sharing with people whose ideals or opinions you may disagree with. We are sharing ED with the old conditions being attribution - they have just as much right to use the results of our work as anyone else.

  8. Matt: This is not a matter of Rights, the "mess" here is, blendies are happy with this info and don't even see further than the tip of their Blendies nose.

    We know the quality of ED and the power of Blender, we don't have to jump around each time we read this kind of news without thinking a little about what it represents really.

    It's just for legal notice they used this video, nothing more.

  9. Pretty sad Adobe is boating hardware accelerated surface with tripple buffering as a NEW technology, even for an embedded web app. Look Ma, No tearing!

  10. You know what? I say go with an open source silverlight implementation instead. As long as moonlight can use opengl, I say the entire Linux community needs to violently ditch flash and let it fall into hades screaming and clawing at air. Hey, that was interesting visual imagery... I wonder how I would animate it... Oh, nevermind. Too many fire particles.

    Anyway- I hate adobe with about the same passion that I hate microsoft and apple. I don't give a crap what they do, and I don't care who thinks of linux as a viable development platform. Let them stay away while we make our own, superior tools. I don't want drm to exist for linux, and if that means that we have to make our own media to enjoy, so be it. I would love to see my dependence on the record labels be as slight as is my dependence on microsoft today.

    As for this, well, I hope it helps make people aware of the existence of blender. And I hope from there, they can discover inkscape, the gimp, linux, firefox, OO.o, compiz fusion, etc. The chances of that, however, are slight-
    So what I see coming from this is the realization that had it been easier to use a copyrighted work, they would have done it- thus, we at least get to see that copyrighted, drm'ed stuff is good for nothing so much as an HD demo.

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