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2.43 RC3 Released


ca0f8e1a5b_th.jpgRelease Candidate #3 has quietly been uploaded to More than 200 issues have been fixed, but again I couldn't get my hands on a list of changes (which I think is kind of disappointing). Anyway - download a fresh version here and take it for a spin . This is your last chance to find any bugs before the release, so hack away, have fun and report your bugs on the official bugtracker!

Note: at the time of writing the only the Windows and OSX versions were available. Ton couldn't give us an indication how soon builds for other platforms will be up.

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Why is this the first release that's taken this long?! And the first one that's been released 3 times before it's actually been release?!

    Is this a major, major update or something?

  2. @matt
    Blender website about the migration to the new site:
    [QUOTE]We want to complete this migration with the 2.43 release, to start with an exciting stress test for the
    systems and software. This is a reason why the 2.43 bugfixing cycle is a bit longer than usual.[/QUOTE]

    I think a long bugfixing cycle is good, many bugs will be found and there is no need for a 2.43a version.

  3. I'm happy to waiting for this important release, a deeply debug is really important to improve both performance and stability!
    all developers are doing an amazing work... thanks a lot!

  4. Yes, Retopo is a great tool!

    I agree with Jogai, taking more time and leaving less bugs is better.

    For example, there are still some weird things in armatures behaviour, and leaving these things as is could lead to big problems in animations, so time is working for the users, not against.

    I think that we have to check and check again, but leave the coders enough time to work without too much pressure on their shoulders. There is no deadline, after all ! Nobody will die if Blender 2.43 isn't released tomorrow at 12:00 !


  5. Mathias Gulwer on

    When 2.42 was about to be relesed you could download a bunch of testfiles. I have not seen any testfiles for this version. A test suite would help us the users find bugs to report to the developers.


  6. Carlos Felipe (cara-rj) on

    Still not fixed the pressure issue on Genius Tablets...
    It works great om Wacom tablets, btw.

    Waiting for 2.43 and hoping they fix this tablet issue.
    Will be a great release (just like the previous releases ;D)!!

  7. "This is your last chance to find any bugs before the release"

    You are a funny man bart. It's the last change for blender to prevent to release a total buggy piece of software.

  8. I'm used to a lot of warnings while compiling, but that's a strange one:
    source/blender/blenloader/intern/readfile.c:1164: warning: ‘main’ is usually a function

    But I looked at the code and I looks ok to me. There is a local variable named main.

  9. On somebody renamed
    blender-2.43RC3-darwin-8.x-py2.3-i386-bz.dmg to blender-2.43-RC3-OSX-10.4-py2.3-i386-bz.dmg.

    I compared them (with cmp): they are the same, that is a darwin binary which dosn't run on OS X.

    Anyway: thaaaanks to the developers.

    I'm afraid there is no such thing as bugfree software (unless it's feature free too). If we would like to taste all these delicious new features we'll have to swallow some bugs too. And if we don't like them we'll have to report them.

  10. @LayBack
    I have created a piece of bugfree software.
    Feature: Says hello to the world
    Bugs: None

    Typical output: "Hello world!"

    Featurerequest: closed

  11. @bart: Full, Empty?
    "This is your last chance to find any bugs before the release" sortof implies there will be no bugs to find after the release... I think we all know better.

  12. OK, I have a working linux RC3 for x86 built, but I didn't include any of the extra python scripts in the path. Should I post it anyway?


  13. OK. I built a linux version from CVS (from last night, after RC3 was announced). So it *should* be RC3. I put in on the net at
    and the md5 checksum is

    I didn't strip the symbol table so its larger than needed to run (stripping it will make the executable 5% smaller), but on the other hand, you can use nm to look at all of the symbols in the executable (great fun that! ;) I didn't include any python scripts, and the thing is linked dynamic (not static). Enjoy!


  14. I tested the game engine of Blender 2.43RC3 OSX Intel Version. It seems to be unstable and to crash more frequently than the previous build.

    It seems to always crash when trying to run a game with sounds.

  15. Sadly, my testing has shown that audio is borked in linux-blender-RC3. Currently, adding audio must be done with an outside application. We don't have a final version yet...

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