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Blender Jobs List


logo_sm.gifThe website 'PageBites' is an aggregator for other jobs sites. I ran across it a few months ago and added a feed for 'blender 3d' jobs to my RSS reader. Much to my surprise, there's actually quite a steady demand for Blender jobs!

There are all kinds of jobs and there's the occasional mismatch, but I think it's an interesting feed to keep if you are looking into getting into 3D work with Blender. Here are some examples of the last few weeks:

There's not a lot, but it's a start and I think it's interesting to see these jobs appear. Do you know of any other jobs sites that ask for Blender skills? Let us know!

About the Author

Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Just another internet mirage! The link just leads to an advert site. Anyway at 10 dollars an hour it is barely above the minimum wage (here in Ireland). I think 3D work should command a higher rate than a charlady!

  2. @Trevor: it's not 'just' an advert site; like I wrote, pagebites aggregate job lists and make them searchable. And yes, they display ads, just like we do. *shrug*

  3. > Anyway at 10 dollars an hour it is barely above the minimum wage (here in Ireland)

    You think that's bad, I'm still getting paid in Guinness and potatoes! :P

  4. $10 an hour is generally a good wage if you are a student or something. Its really a joke if you have enough skill to realistically create humans and animals. Call-center personell get $10 an hour here (Florida). Paying $10 for a skilled artist is an insult.

  5. Yeah, $10 an hr is crazy, for skilled work too.

    I expect if well paying jobs become available the skilled ppl will get snapped up.,. - if this becomes a recource frequented by blenderheads

  6. hmm. US minimum wage is only like 5.50/hr $10/hr would be the average job like secretary, maintenace person, construction worker etc. Enough to live on, but no to support a family. But that's how you start. If you work, it's inevitable that you'll become valuable, and get a raise or a better job offer. Go Blenderheads.

  7. Here in Argentina one dollar is three pesos, and average monthly salary is below the 1500 pesos mark.
    (that's less than 10 pesos/hr).
    What they're offering is 3 times more... It's not bad at all.
    I'm a professional designer and can't charge more than 15 dollars/hr.

    So, maybe 10 dollars per hour is very low for a 3D pro in Europe or USA, but I gess is not so bad for the rest of the world.

  8. I just finished looking at What a joke!

    "The Animation Empire will provide quality, value, and flexibility."

    Their sucky Geocities site will give people a different opinion. And how many real companies want a 3D mascot on their website? I'm amazed anybody would hire them to create a website. I'd rather not taint my reputation by willingly working for such a low-quality studio, esp. at 10 bucks an hour!

  9. I am from India
    Recently i got a job through Blender...YOOO
    My passion is in Graphics field(designing and programming)
    And i got that i Need. Really

  10. Roofoo,

    What makes the website sucky? Because it is on Geocities?

    How many real companies would want a 3D mascot on their website? Several, so far.

    Many have hired us. Why not?

    Why are we a low quality studio? May we see your work so that we can compare?

    $10 an hour is a rounded number we use to find people who are hard workers and aren't scraping every dollar they can find off of their clients. We actually pay more than that and provide bonuses. Also, we provide low bids to our clients, which is another reason that we don't pay much. We don't get much to pay with.

    Any questions? Or just more statements?

    The Animation Empire, Inc.

  11. We have no jobs right now, but we are taking unpaid interns. This is because these projects are for marketing, so there is no income involved on our end.

    We have positions for:

    - 3D Modelers

    - 3D Animators

    - 3D Modelers/Animators

    - Website Developers

    - Graphic Designers

    - Content Publishers

    - Flash Game Developers


    - Unpaid

    - Offsite

    - Minimum 2 months

    - Minimum 12 hours per week


    - Experience: You will learn a lot!

    - Stronger Resume

    - Stronger Portfolio

    - We will work with you to strengthen your resume

    - We will work with you to strengthen your portfolio

    - We offer career counseling to our interns which will help you take the next steps to getting a career in your chosen field

    If you're interested in any of these positions, shoot me an email: [email protected]


    The Animation Empire

  12. We are specically looking for Blender experience!

    3D Animator

    Job Description:
    Vecna is looking for an experienced 3D modeling and animation specialist to join the Vecna team and to contribute to its many successful, high profile robotics projects and medical informatics projects. In this position you will provide animation to complement advertising and promotional efforts. The position requires expertise with computer animation software, preferably Blender or other open source solution(s). Responsibilities include modeling and animation from rapid storyboard maquettes to high-quality modeling, animation and rendering; facilitating the production of animations; creating, estimating, and maintaining animation schedules, and maintaining an accessible archive of finished animations.

    Expert-level skill in Blender or equivalent 3D modeling & animation program. Blender is preferred.
    Bachelors Degree in Animation.
    Portfolio demonstrating high-quality finished samples, as well as samples from spectrum of workflow. Please provide a link to online portfolio in application.
    Ability to work in a self-directed manner.
    Strong written and verbal communication skills.
    Ability to create real-time interactive models using Python or equivalent programming language a plus.
    Must be authorized to work in the United States.

    Competitive salary plus aggressive profit sharing and world-class benefits package: 100% paid premium PPO medical, vision, dental, & prescription; short term and long term disability; subsidized public transportation; 4 hours/wk paid community service; 401k matching program; health incentive program; extreme Flextime and generous leave policy; education reimbursement.

    About Vecna:
    Vecna Technologies, Inc. is a self-funded, woman-owned small business with a focus on creating better technology for a better world. Founded in 1998 by engineers and researchers from MIT, Vecna has established a reputation for excellence in healthcare and enterprise IT, robotics and research. With the Vecna Medical division and its flagship QC Works suite of healthcare IT systems, the company offers a broad range of advanced capabilities to healthcare institutions to save money, time and lives. Meanwhile, Vecna's GoalMind Enterprise Resource Management system is helping businesses and government organizations to save time and money while working smarter. Vecna has offices in College Park, MD, Cambridge, MA and Falls Church, VA.


    View all Vecna jobs on line at

  13. Can anyone tell us a good place to post Blender contracts.

    The PageBites appears to have changed but we have a small live project we wish to commission and hopefully, if we win our bid on a pending project, some more substaintial contracts following.

    I cannot find any active, central resource for this...any ideas?


  14. Anybody want to do some work for my company? Lot's of people don't understand my product. I'm looking for a short animation to use on landing pages and a longer animation to use as a demo. Eye-catching but not over the top. Any interest, or am I in the wrong spot?

  15. Hey guys.....

    Anyone who've got some blender animation job out there....
    Kindly drop me en E-Mail... kkate90 at Am from Kenya
    and we could always negotiate the terms and conditions.... There are
    no much blender jobs here (not that I have had of).


    hi my name is rakesh.i m from india.i m working in blender 3d there any job online for modeling.I HAVE AN EXPERIENCE IN INTERIOR DESIGNING FIELD FOR 5 YEARS.

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