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Laptop Number Pad Script


calculator.pngIf you are a laptop user, you might be frustrated with the lack of easy access to the number pad when you want to quickly navigate from the camera, the front, the top, or the side views.  Thanks to mugwah, laptop users can finally use the number pad without remapping keys* thanks to a python script.

mugwah writes on the thread:

For months I have been frustrated by my SonyVAIO inability to allow a USB numpad to coexist with a full QWERTY keyboard map. Then along came Ray Badstibner (AKA raymaxbad) who inspited me with his script. I adapted his work to create the Laptop Numpad Script.

You can find the latest version of the script here.  A quick note, I couldn't access from the scripts window (my Windows version of Blender wouldn't update the script folder), but it did work when I opened it through the text editor and Alt+P to run the script.

*If you would like to remap the keys, go to the User Preferences window, System & OpenGL button, Emulate Numpad button.  This will cause the number keys (1 to 0) to be the emulate the number pad, but it will remove the abilty to navigate to different layers with those keys (which you can do with the M Key).

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Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful script! I have a PC for home and a laptop for work, I hate it when I have to trail around the object. This will solve all. :)

  2. cool, i intent to get a laptop somewhere down the line, and this would be a nr 1 priority for blender there. To me at least.

  3. rpgsimmaster on

    Using the number keys at the top is difficult to get used to as opposed to the convenient placing of the numpad keys on the keyboard.

    I use a laptop with blender, and previously I've had to attach an external keyboard so I can get functionality of the number pad. Hopefully this'll be of more use!

  4. Command line usage:
    To open Blender and auto-execute a script, start blender from the command line with the -P option:

    blender -P

    Easiest way to do this in windows is to create a desktop shortcut to blender.exe and add the option info in the target field of the properties panel.

  5. hello

    can you help me to use the number keys in laptop , some laptop has the easiest way to use the number as in normal keyboard,
    how to use that keys please help me

  6. Hello Eugene, hope you see this message...

    i have tried your plugin on my laptop and on my normal PC, but I can't get it work.

    area is empty after this command:

    area = Window.GetScreenInfo(Window.Types.VIEW3D)

    do you have any clue why?

    Do I have to run your script, while 3dview is opened? how?

    Thanks a lot

  7. Hey Dalibor,

    It's not my script, its mugwah's creation (you can contact him through the thread I link to in the post). So he would be more knowledable of the issue you are having. But from my tests, you are correct in that the 3D View needs to be open in order for the script to open up since it is getting data (area) from that specific window type.

  8. Hi Eugene,

    well, that's it! Thanks a lot. Thread from mugwah explains exactly the same problem.
    I have to split working area so that 3DView is open and run a script...

    Best regards

  9. hi Eugene

    my laptop does not come with an number pad, and i need to figure out how to us one on a windows computer, and fast!!!!!!

    HELP ME!!!

    best regards,


  10. m encanta este script yo tambien tengo una portatil y se me hace dificil modelar aqui por que no podia cambiar las vistas, ahora con este script espero porder hacerlo, tambien busco una simulacion del boton intemedio del mouse.

  11. I heard a THUMB PAD getting more and more popular which has more functions with controlling the natually placed thumb key. Do you have this type of the number pad? I never seen it.

    Your number pad the function is too simple.

  12. ok..this is everythin awesome but i am total newbie for programming.
    is there somethin like install and use system.....
    or can someone please tell me in short steps where to type all those commands on script .
    please i need help and i need numpads for my laptop...i bought usb one but it aint workin n its full of bugs.
    please if anyone know help.
    thanks m8s

  13. hi
    i have the same questions like darkness
    my numpad works only with numlock and than i cannot use some letters.
    what must i do?
    install python and blender and how can i use the programm than?
    please help

    tanks texaco

  14. Emulate NumPad (User Preferences) and using CTRL+ALT+Touchpad (if you don't use a mouse or a mouse with a wheel) are better, but there is On–Screen Keyboard (xp) if you want to try :
    * Point to All Programs.
    * Point to Accessories.
    * Point to Accessibility.
    * Select On-Screen Keyboard.

    I could not find Numpad . to center view to cursor (2.5), after I pressed Fn+F11, could you ? How do you center view to cursor with notepad ? I add a shortcut for center view but it is deleted when I close Blender even if I save the file or I save user settings.

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