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YafRay Header Design Contest


Yafray Header Design ContestChronoh over at recently posted a header design contest in the forums for the entire Yafray community. According to the thread, the Yafray site will be the splash area for several lucky header image designers. The images will be displayed randomly for an entire week.

It's just great how all of the Open Source communities let the end users participate and play with the tools that they provide. I suppose this will be Yafray's version of the popular Blender Splash Screen Contest! BlenderNation sure looks forward to seeing everyone's entries!

Don't you like the new website's header image? me either... So now, you have the chance to contribute with a little but cool YafRay rendered piece... Each selected* image, will crown the website theme for one week period.We cannot offer money or cars (besides the Richie's mini), but we could put a link to your website in your, make something elegant! :)

! :)

Visit Yafray Forums for more details!

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Daniel LaBarge

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  1. I think I'll enter, but I really think they should try to improve Yafray itself and continue it's devolpement, not just put random things on their website.

  2. i wouldn't complain you guys... yafray is one of the coolest renderers that gives pro results and is OPENSOURCE... don't know why you complain about opensource work... your not paying for it... if you want progress... donate a little... or contribute some way... its about the community. they are not getting paid :)

    done ranting! (makes me mad sometimes)

  3. @Tynach: read the article: this is only about a website header, not the development of Yafray itself. Would you rather they spend time on a new website graphics or on new features?

  4. The easy way is always to complaint. I want to remember that yafray it's an open source and free tool.

    I'm the designer of the yafray team and some time ago I've decided to collaborate with the project redesigning the entire website, including logo, site programing and administration tools... I did it because I'm very happy with the project and now, I try to collaborate with ideas, with user ideas because I'm not a developer.

    So please, think twice before saying some things, and remember that unfortunately Yafray is NOT the Blender Foundation.


  5. Well, this contest is a way to attract users to YafRay and - as anybody with a IC greater than 70 can deduce - it doesn't interfere with YafRay's development. It is a initiative of our webmaster and it has nothing to do with development, which is still making progress.

    If some people were reading YafRay's forum before giving their opinion, maybe they wouldn't annoy with destructive criticisms.

  6. Sorry, I didn't think my comment was that blasphemous... I love Yafray, it's my default render engine, and I LOVE the fact that it's free. I just see that it's been a while since a release, and there hasn't even been a 1.0 release yet. 0.0.8 is great, and sometimes I consider it 1.0 or later, but I just think it's odd that they do very little to it compared to Blender.

    I guess it's not that bad; Povray hasn't had an official release since 2004, and Yafray at least had one in 05. I'm just too used to Blender's releases being months apart, as opposed to years.

  7. According to their website update, they have made some progress on the program, so there is still hope for a new release soon.

  8. Despite that YafRay have few releases (eight since 2002) it usually has changes in cvs each week. We can't compare ourselves with Blender people. Blender is a foundation and its development involve a lot of people. In YafRay, no more than seven persons have been involved in it, and not only programmers...

    And about the verly low version, 0.0.8, maybe we should change that. It's only Jandro's modesty, because he thinks that YafRay is not good enough for a "mayor" number ;-) Maybe this is the right moment to change to 1.0... or maybe better from 0.0.9 to 1.0. The project is now in Lynx hands, and he will decide all aspects, including version numbering and release frequency.

    And sorry if we come out in a rude way, but it's hard when you haven't resources and people demand results as if you were a big company. We are few people and we are trying to keep YafRay alive with this kind of contest, investing our spare time on it (on development too, of course). We are not on this for winning medals, but we are not working for being beat up either...

  9. Well, guys. Anyway, instead of comparing and complaining between Blender and Yafray, there could be a way of working together, because they're really professional tools... and FREE! So, if i was a coder, sure i would be developing these ones. But i'm a designer/animator. So, if i can collaborate on any way, here i am. By the time, i present and teach Blender and Yafray to any of my students. And it's great to count with tools like these, and a great community too. Let's work, and if we had some complain, shut up.

  10. I know, this is a little bit off date and topic, but personally, I like PovRay more that Yafray... both are free, but Pov is better.

    Also, I can't wait til LightRay and Toxic are released!

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