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Blender 2.42 3D Web Plugin Alpha


blender-2.42-webplugin.pngRemember the Blender web plugin from long ago? Like a veritable phoenix, it has risen from the ashes and been brought back to life!

Erwin "Physics" Coumans writes:

After many years, version skip from 2.25 to 2.42, Internet Explorer ActiveX control is working again, including the new Bullet rigid body dynamics and vehicle physics. Future steps might include improving stability, adding Firefox and COLLADA 1.4 import support.

The site has not only the plugin download (for IE) but also a guide to creating content. Get it here!

About the Author


Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. Coooooool but: IE SUCKS!!!
    i need a FF version, platform independant
    I've tried the plugin with IE and it works perfect, but my computer is too slow :(
    Keep on developing the plugin, it's pretty cool.

  2. Wow, what a delightful surprise! I'm very much looking forward to playing with this, but I will have to wait for a Firefox/Linux version and so I second the previous two requests.

    Thanks, Erwin, you're doing marvellous things with the game engine!

  3. well, since it uses ActiveX its a windows thing only, and therefore it will remain a toy... It still looks cool though.

  4. quote> Future steps might include improving stability, adding Firefox and COLLADA 1.4 import support.

    That is probably the most sane way to go. Having it platform indepent would be more beneficial for business and hobby people allowing for content publishing. I remember when it came out a couple of years ago thinking it was a good thing for Blender since it could elevate the user count and be a cost-effective solution for many small business. Best of luck to all involved!

  5. Sovereignncc-e on

    I think that the only thing that the IE plugin should do is display a large rotating globe with that orange fox and a link to the inevitable website. It is nice to see this developed, though.

  6. Si il n'y a pas de version autre que pour Microsoft Windows, c'est vraiment pas bien!!!

    If there is no version other than for Microsoft Windows, it is really not

  7. Yeah - FF version - please!!! - epat.

    come to think of it: it appears that quite a few blenderheads use FF - maybe we should do a poll? ;-)

  8. @ epat :
    According to my Blender tutorials site, after some 45 000 visits this year :
    IE6 = 56.6%
    Netscape 5.0 = 39.8% (Mozilla, Firefox, and other avatars)

    the plusgin works in Firefox when the IE tab extension is installed.

    @ Erwin :
    biggest thanks, not so much for this as for the rest and transmit some of that to your 'crew'

  9. YES!!!

    Unlike what many have said, I use IE, but only because Fire fox doesn't support all the CSS, HTML, and Java that IE does.

    Yes, we need to have a Firefox version, and it would be best, but do NOT exclude IE, because most people still use it, and you will get hatemail from many people if you purposely do not make any more IE versions.

    That said, this is VERY cool, I thought I was going to have to suggest it myself, and this has really made my day!

  10. YES YES YES!!!!

    The Web-Plugin is back with a vegeance!
    I love it, thank you so much for this! We've been missing
    this one for ages - and now more powerful than ever.


  11. This is great news. The fact that it's an ActiveX control (for win users anyway), allows it to be used in more than just websites (think slideshow presentations etc).
    Good job!!

  12. Qu'il y ai une version MS IE c'est bien, mais il faut savoir qu'il, contrairement à ce que tu dit, n'utilise pas que des standards propriétaire dont tout les autres navigateurs peuvent avoir accès et n'arrive même pas a suivre les standards définis officiellement. De plus il est n'est disponible que sous un seul système d'exploitation, contrairement à Blender! Ce qui est un comble que son plug-ins ne le soit pas!

    That it have there a version ms IE it is well, but it should be known
    that it, as opposed to what you says, does not use that standards
    owner of which all the other navigators can have access and does not
    even arrive has to follow the officially defined standards. Moreover
    it is is available only under one operating system, contrary to
    Blender! What is a roof that its plug-ins is not it!

  13. hey! we opera users here feel a little bit...left alone ;-)

    but im sure there`ll be a widget soon so that blender files can be seen in the shiny, new, ultra fast opera ;-)

  14. Hmm.. I hope there's going to be a Linux version, too. I know it is sorta different in terms of programming, but there's a number of people who use Linux to shape things in Blender and do daily chores as well.
    How about Java plugin? That could be seamlessly integrated in any browser... and I do not belive speed is so big of an issue these days. :-)

    The market for such things is saturated. If we're going to make this thingie popular, it simply must be cross-platform, cross-browser and solid as a rock.

  15. j'ai fais un erreur lors de mon dernier commentaire, il fallait lire "il utilise des standards propriétaire" et non pas "n'utilise pas que des standards propriétaire"!

    I have make a error at the time of my last comment, it was necessary
    to read "that it uses standards owner" and not "do not use only standards owner"!

  16. This is great... I dropped Macromedia Flash a long time ago cause it was becoming a huge and really hard to code monster...

    Blender 3d content for the web may be the future!

  17. hope the plugin can be recoded, properly this time, so that will work on platforms other than windows.

    until then, i have to pass.

  18. 99% of the entire plugin is platform dependent.

    This platform dependent 1%, providing the OpenGL context and streaming in the data, can be replaced if the webbrowser supports doing so. If time allows, I might give MacOS X a try, using either Safari or Firefox.

    But first let's get COLLADA 1.4 import and OGRE3D graphics running.

  19. erwin,

    i had no idea. thought it was the other way around.

    i'm salivating (figuratively speaking) at the thought of a truly cross platform version.

  20. I would like to add my voice to the many wanting Linux support. Kudos for reviving the plugin (and I imagine that an ActiveX component can be very useful to some people) - without cross platform / browser support however it is worse than useless to me as a browser plugin.

  21. Erwin, i checked the URL. are you sure that's what you want to link to? it seems to be a presentation about SVG, or am i missing something?

  22. Sorry didn't read your correction to the 99% platform dependant comment.
    99% platform independant is a much better state of affairs... The Canvas 3d library looks promising - it this case we would be looking at a conversion tool rather than a plugin right. And will be supported in a future version of Firefox.. Well Cross platform is good - cross browser would be better but it would be a workable state of affairs. Appologies If I came across as sounding harsh before. You should be congratulated on the work done.

  23. Hi and congratulations
    So, i'm on Linux, using FF... and hope you can do something for me :)

    If you have any idea of "when" this plugin could be working on FF and other platform, please do a big announce.

    Where i work (big comagnie) we are really interessed of create a full app wuth Blender inclued on browser...

  24. this shit aint working nether on IE

    i got the files made a cab my own the cab maker dont work

    i put it on my site nothing happens:S

    did everything corectly

    the how create contend dont even exist anymore

    so what to do now?

    i realy would love to put blend files on my site

    greetz skit

  25. i got it to work now..

    but only in a local browser..

    i tryed the simple code.

    but i tryed several other options

    (html code)

    and i got an error that the activex control whas not signed

    or it whas signed but by a unkown user.

    even tho i registerd the ocx file

    would be helpfull if erwin comes up with a new version or

    some explanation how to use it corectly or easy to install

    sort of thing.

    so it works on my website

    greetings again^^

  26. What happened to the web plugin?

    Will it still be maintained and improved for the next Blender release (2.5) ?

    Please let me know... I'd really appreciate it.

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