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Club SILO, Driving Sim Eye Candy


Club Silo previewThe last time I've written this kind of article (preview of a really promising game under development) that didn't had an happy ending (too bad, it was a really good looking game); three months later time to write something about Club SILO (CS from now on) has come and hopefully, since the game is in an advanced phase of development, this time we'll see the finished product (I feel a little like Tutankamon, I've to admit it).

CS will be a fast driving simulation with really good looking graphics, an arcade driving model mixed with some real phisics, computer controlled adversaries, an original soundtrack, different car models and some really crazy racing tracks (what about those death-loops and "jump through that giant advertising billboard" obstacles?). An interesting aspect of the gameplay is the bonus system and the fuel management; yes man, your roaring racing monster will stop biting the asphalt as long as you'll run out of fuel and fail picking up those nice yellow bonuses floating over the track here and there (which will restore the fuel amount, of course).

Club Silo screenshot 2
Club Silo screenshot 3
Club Silo screenshot 4
Club Silo screenshot 1

When I saw those screenshots I thought that the guys at Luma Studio where using Blender only for their modeling needs, but when I looked at the video preview I was really amazed to find out that this one was actually recorded out of the upcoming Blender 2.42 Game Engine (the simulation exploits Bullet's new Vehicle contraint and improved collision detection! Too bad the video itself was composited with Adobe AfterFX, shame on you guys!).

Actually devs are still working on some important aspects of the game: a full redesign of the GUI/HUD (to match what has just been seen in the Need for Speed: Underground series), the AI of the computer controlled cars, faked reflection on the vehicles' bodies and new tracks of course.

We'll keep you informed on the faith of this baby, stay tuned!

P.s. Remember to give some feedback to the dev team, this is the kind of game development that needs to be encouraged by the community.


  1. Stunning.

    You guys made me realize that I hadn't planned a realtime section in the Siggraph demoreel yet. Are you interested in submitting footage? Please search for 'demoreel' and you'll find the info.

  2. Awesome!

    At last a NFS like game! I have always wanted a NFS like game to be made in Blender or atleast wished it beign open source, so that I can fiddle with them. U know I like car racing game the most. Until now TORCS is the one which I found closest to this, but the developers there presently putting their brains behind physics more than behind the graphics because TORCS is a simulation game not an arcade. But at last here is the one I was looking for. Keep the good work.

  3. ...BTW what is the address of their website. When I went to I got:-

    This is the Pleskâ„¢ default page

    If you see this page it means:

    1) hosting for this domain is not configured
    2) there's no such domain registered in Plesk.

    For more information please contact Administrator.

  4. No problem. It's actually a pretty cool site - lots of stuff to check out besides the game. I wonder if they used Blender for their other art.

  5. myselfhimself on

    Hey cool !
    I'd like to use the new Bullet features..
    Does someone know of a tutorial on coding constraints to make a simple car?


  6. That video was sooooo much more than what I was expecting! Very good job! Definitely another project to follow. That gives me so many ideas of how to use Blender (besides games). I hadn't realized so much progress had been made with Blender's game engine (Thanks Ton and Others).

    Gotta love BlenderNation! Every day something cool. Keep it up!

  7. It looks like a game with great graphic but you never told us how much it would cost or if it would be open scource so:
    How much will it cost?

  8. Wow......

    Finally, a great open source game.....
    I'm hoping that somewhere along the line they will allow players to import their own cars that they make into the game....

    Now all we need is an awesome FPS open source game in blender to be released.

  9. Carlos Felipe (cara-rj) on

    Great video!
    The quality of the game is awesome!
    Just hope to see more of it. I'm looking forward to play it.

  10. @Robin & Kayde:

    At the time of writing there's still no info about which licence type the game will be released under, sorry. So we don't know actually if this will be a really good commercial product or an amazing FOSS game.

  11. WTF is this? THIS is blender? WOW that is more than awesome! It really almost looks like NFS BUT it's done in Blender GE. If it's open source i can't wait to see the blenderfiles.
    But i got one question: Is it as fast as other racing simultion games? Because what performance concerns blender's ge is not the best, isn't it?

  12. The speed looks pretty playable on the demo video. A little choppy here and there, but video recording+playing at the same time can often cause some framerate loss even with fast games. The upcoming release's new GE is supposed to have pretty good performance, but this game is still working with an early build, and there are bound to be areas where improvements could be made.

  13. cooo-oool!!!

    it won't run on my tacky old computer of course; but I'm hoping to get a new one soon - though I've been saying that for ages *lol*; and I can't decide what hardware to get! Still, this might be just the thing that makes me decide...


  14. Impressive... most impressive. [/vader]

    I can't wait to see what people come up with in the coming months, as everyone jumps on the post-2.42 Blender Game Engine bandwagon. Didn't I read somewhere that OGRE was going to be integrated into the engine to handle rendering? Things are looking good for us OS junkies.

    @Luma, seeing as you're reading this (which is great): Far be it from be to say what your game should look like, but IMHO the realistic car models don't jibe well with the track design. I've yet to see a Subaru do a loop-de-loop! Maybe more futuristic-looking vehicles would work well? More artistic licence, and you get away with more gravity-defying stuff before it looks wrong. Just my $0.02!

  15. Awesome!

    I didnt think blenders game engine could churn out those sort of graphics...

    keep up the good work is all i can say!

  16. Just saw the game video. Wow, this really blew me away!! I had no idea that the GameBlender had come so far... Sure, nice for simple things like tetris, frogger and rolling marbles. Indeed, most content shown in the Games forum on BlenderArtists is rather amateurish (not all, but this others tend to be simpler in scope) however, this SILO game seems to take it to a whole other dimension!
    If you pull this off (ie a complete game with different levels, AI opponents, scoring and such) kudo's to you! Blender will start getting noticed on the game scene(maybe not by ID, but hey...)
    My favorite GameBlender demo/game till now was the old TRONTANK by John Nillson ( which had a proffesional finish to it although limited in scope.

  17. Awuah Aikins on

    You are really doing a good job .keep it up.BRAVO.
    Am Aikins by name ,from ghana am a boy of 20 years and am I a technical school called Don Boaco study programming and I love games very much .my ambition to this course is to become a game programmer and I need help and skills that will guide me to improve my knowledge on that .if you really want to help me this is my contact on whatsapp +233561446193/awuahaiki[email protected] goes to everyone in this community.thank you.

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