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Upcoming Blender Changes


2For those of you using Blender 2.41, Ton has started to post a list of changes that will be in the next version (which most of us are currently referring to as version 2.42).

The list is still in the works since there is the lengthy list at the bottom that will soon have descriptions. Along with the numerous changes, there is the node editing system that will be a major advance for materials and compositing. I am extremely excited about the render pipeline updates which inlcude all sorts of updates. Read about it and be amazed!

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Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. Vector-based motion blur, ah yeah. I remember it was mentioned on the 'making of' documentary on the Elephants Dream DVD... However i had hoped we could have had cloth simulation too in the next release, nah just kidding ;) This is great, i cant wait!

  2. That all sounds great, however I lack one most improtant upgrade for architectural modelling. DXF import just does not work as it should - I really hoped this will be finally solved. That is a major problem with using Blender instead of commercial applications in architectural visualisations.

    Is there any chance this will be finally resolved?

  3. Hmm... there ought to be a Built-In GUI editor for game developers. That way they can make things like title screens, option menus, etc. easier.

  4. Wow, really nice link there! Explains a lot of things in great detail! The amount of control your given with these new features would make a grown man weep with happiness. :P

  5. Coming from Max, Maya, and XSI, I am continually amazed at the speed at which Blender advances with each update. To me, Max, Maya, and XSI grow linearly over time, whereas Blender grows exponentially.

  6. One thing I don't understand, relatively to the progressive render.

    "Currently a fast re-render update happens only for:
    - moving the Panel around or changing its size
    - changing Material/Texture properties "

    Is this valid for the CVS version only or in the final release?

  7. I find blender to be a extremely powerful tool, especially for open source. I personally felt once really couldn't ask for more from an open source product, but with the up and coming updates and future advances that your team is working on, I'm continuously amazed and thankful. Thank you for all the hard work and the impressive product.

  8. This is great! I saw this list the other day and was really impressed by all the features that are being integrated, modified, and improved. It's great to be able to look forward to each Blender release with the confidence that you'll find something new, something better. Each release is better than the next. Keep up this track record!

  9. Okay, three comments is kinda ridiculous. But I just read this in the vector blur description - "By rendering and accumulating an X amount of steps an image can be constructed closely resembling motion blur."

    "Closley resembling motion blur"? So, how close is it? 50% accurate? 78%? 82.6% Hmmm. I wonder how many percent more accurate it is than the current motion blur technique.

  10. i hope that the new version contain a muscle simulator to make easy facial expression and body movement.cloth simulator will also be very usful

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