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OGRE3D Mesh and Character importer


Afbeelding 11.pngD-Man has posted a script to import OGRE3D mesh information into Blender.

And what praytell is OGRE? From the OGRE site:

OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) is a scene-oriented, flexible 3D engine written in C++ designed to make it easier and more intuitive for developers to produce applications utilising hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. The class library abstracts all the details of using the underlying system libraries like Direct3D and OpenGL and provides an interface based on world objects and other intuitive classes.

Luckily, Ogre has a wiki that should both inform and entice you. And so there are no surprises when you take a look and want to start using Ogre, I will add this little snippet fron the wiki:

Yes, you will need to know how to program. Ogre is not a game shell or scripting language like many game development kits out there. It will require more knowledge to use properly, but it is also many times more powerful than a scripting kit will be. A good knowledge of C++ is essential, as is an understanding of object-oriented programming.

About the Author


Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. wow, not bad. the screenshots are awesome! 2 bad tho that one has to be a good c programmer. the blender game engine may not be that fast as ogre i guess, but it has sound and other good things that one would want in a game engine, without compiling external libraries and such...looks good! i enjoy your posts here! keep up the good work...

  2. Wow, thats very impressive! Great to know there is more interoperabilitiy between the 2, might have to brush up on my C++ skills. :)

  3. if i understand correctly, it seems as if orge is use mainly for rendering games. and if thats the case how much better is it than blender rendering engine. i'm asking because i do not know the value of either rendering engine and if i was to invest the time in working with one, which would be best?

  4. Nice... but we need an decent exporter for Ogre. That exporter needs to (minimum minimorum):

    -keep geometry clean.
    -export uv mapping
    -export rigging and animation cicles without making a mess.

    I don't wanna learn C++ for doing that because i gonna spend to many time for making just an Ogre head float arround a realistic water. Thats cool but is not enough.

    I guess Ogre programers hates open source modeling and home-made ideas. They don't have a politic for helping noobs. They will make professional games just for professional games industry and keep their tecnology open source just because it sounds "cool".

    Wanna use our tecnology poor mortal? HuaHUaHuaHUA!!!!

    LEARN C++!!

    MMMmm... wanna to try it other way?


    And then,
    in five years your are going to make a shinny Ogre head float arround a realistic water, and because you spend to many time on learning that and trying to figurate out what the hell Ogre is( a render engine, a game engine a $@!& engine), because they don't tell it to you, you will forget how to model a nice character, you will forget to quest about relations between art and videogames, you will forget the nice friends u made at Elysiun forums, you will forget to share your know-how with people that even don't know how to turn on a computer (yes they exist, trust me).


    Lets help Jorrit that are making a truly effort on Cristalblend, lets study Panda that have a nice python aproach, lets go join "irrlicht" community.

    And then, IF i said IF Ogre have a nice aproach for noobs... lets go learn something about that.

  5. Chico Ortiz, yes Ogre itself is a C++ library and yes you need to know C++ to operate it. There are wrappers available for python and .Net. So you can also use Ogre via python.

    Being active on the Ogre and the Irrlicht board (Baal Cadar there), I'd say you are more likely getting a friendly answer on the Ogre board. Irrlicht board is not unfriendly of course, but it is not as activly moderated as the Ogre board.

    Maybe the problem is just, that they tell you something you don't like? Ogre is aimed at being a professional rendering library, yes. It is harder to learn than other libraries, but it is also the one with the most flexible architecture I've seen as an open source rendering library. Irrlicht for instance, since you mentioned it, is easier at first, but its internal design is a mess and adding more features to it gets gradually more difficult.

    The rest of your rant is pure nonsense though. Ogre is a render engine and not a game engine. And everybody is saying this on the board and you can also read it on the wiki, in the manual and even the name itself tells it: Ogre - Object oriented graphincs rendering engine.

    Btw, I've written an Ogre importer too for Blender. Though mine is not yet able to import skeletons and animations. Only meshes and materials.

  6. Sorry, forgot to say, that there is a working Ogre exporter for Blender already. It supports all the features Ogre supports and also all the requirements Chico Ortiz listed. It is available from the Ogre homepage.

  7. Well, I've been using Ogre for quite much time now, and also started playing with Blender, and my experience is that both of them work great. I've modelled and exported some scenarios, using the LSCM unwrap tool to uvmap them, as well as doing a dummy animated (and obviously rigged) character, and it worked great too. Nothing fancy, as I'm focusing my efforts into the programming part, but they worked, in case you still don't think it's feasible to do it.
    If you want a better sample, search for "Stunts playground" in the Featured projects section, or go to (the author's website) to see a sample of Blender models into the Ogre engine

  8. If you are going to export a work you made inside Blender (model+ rig+ LSCM uvtexture) and make it work nice inside Ogre, good luck. Maybe they give you one answer at Ogre's forum.

  9. Chico Ortiz, we use Ogre as our rendering engine and Blender as modeller. It works just fine for us. And if you got a problem with the exporter just ask in the forum. reimpell, the exporter author usually answers promptly. Prior posting a question, read the Exporter FAQ in the wiki and the exporter manual. 90% of the problems asked about, are already described there with an solution.

  10. @Haffax: maybe it would be nice to showcase some Blender/Ogre work here and to explain the project and its relation to Blender further? If you're interested in helping us write a story about this, then please get in touch with me through the 'contact' tab at the top of the page.



  11. Yes!

    Please explain us step by step how did you:

    Model, rig, texture unwrap and animate things inside Blender to make it work properly inside Ogre.

    It would be awesome and a great new.

  12. Hello Blenderers!

    Getting things from Blender into OGRE is pretty straight-forward.

    This is our Wiki page on Blender:

    Dungeon Hack - featured in our ShowCase Forum - is using Blender created levels/art.
    Here is a page (Do a search for 'blender' to get to the place where Blender/OGRE things are) on which you can get tutorials on how to get things from Blender into OGRE:

    I agree that a tutorial on the subject would be a great thing to have.

    And I am thrilled that OGRE made it to the Blender homepage. :)

  13. I think there was a thread in the forums about the possibility of making the rendering engine modular so you could swap out the native blender engine with engines like Ogre or Crystalspace, Don't know if anything came of it, but it's a really great idea.

  14. Hello to everyone who is wondering about why i wrote this script. I have gotten a game called 'ankh' and it's based
    on the OGRE3D Engine. I like the characters of the game and
    want get them into blender. I found an importer but he wasn't able to import the animations so wrote the script to make it done.

  15. FOR EVERYONE: Iam an idiot and i make a BIG HUGE mistake.

    I really want to public apologise the Ogre comunity. If you are newbie like me probably Jacmoe's links posted above could help you.

    Or maybe also this one:

    I realy learned a lot from this post. Thank you for everyone and REALY pardon me. I was missinformed because im under hard pressure over here. Iam just a dumb person trying to learn how to use a search machine. Thank you very much for teaching me.

    This is no joke. :S :(( ;)

    Francisco Ortiz

  16. @D-Man:
    Haffax is using the Ankh character as a test case for his import script.
    You two should collaborate!
    I tried your import script on the robot mesh, and it was indeed able to import the skeleton. But the bones are not rotated properly. Looks like they should be rotated +/- 90 degrees on the x-axis?

    @Chico Ortiz:
    Glad that you found enlightenment!
    It would be absolutely great if the Blender community collaborated more with the OGRE community.

  17. @Chico Ortiz
    No hard feelings here. I think what you intially said is what a lot of people feel with Ogre intially. I am glad you posted your intial statement since all the comments that followed your comment were such a big help to everyone.

  18. @jacmoe:
    I know that in some cases the bones look like rotated in x-direction. I still working on it. but for now it is needed to get the correct rotations of th bones for the action channels.

  19. Nice to see Ogre3D here...I am a fan for both of Blender and Ogre...Ogre is another best community out there beside Blender...Try Ogre for sure to make a great game! :D

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