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Dr. Queue Manual For Windows XP


DQ_weasel1.jpgDistributed Rendering is the cornerstone of large productions. There are several options in Blender to achieve this, the most popular open-source solution being Dr. Queue. If you were like me, a Windows XP user in Dr. Queue's Linux world, you might have found Dr. Queue difficult to setup, if you got it setup at all.

Luckily, about two months ago an elysiun post gave step by step instructions to use Dr. Queue with Blender - and it has screen shots too! Thanks to the writings of Brian K. Drescher, and the editing of Patrik (Patdog) and Toine (Twansparent) (all from the company Rovorm), Windows users can share in Dr. Queue's abilities for Blender.

Manual + Start Up Commands (.zip):

Manual (.doc):

Start Up Commands (.txt):

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  1. Techmeology on


    I only briefly looked at those instructions, they probably arn't too complecated, but DrQueue and I don't really get along. As a result, I wrote a python script (actually, a pair of scripts) to allow distributed rendering. It should also be possible to render using YAFRAY (and, depending on the implementation, might be able to use POVRAY); I havn't tested this, though. I just thought, as we are on the topic of distributed rendering, that I would point you to this other option should you prefer it :-) :

    Also, my scripts permit the server to render (I noticed that these instructions said otherwise about DrQueue).

    I wish you all successful setups - which ever option you choose.


  2. Hi,

    that Dr.Queue seems to be very useful (but the scripts of Techmeology are, too). So I've got only but truly heavy problem with Dr.Queue: where can I download it as ready-to-use compiled binary collection or setup for windows (XP)?
    In the original download archives I did not find anything.


  3. There is a compiled binary version at their site:

    but it requires a LOT of setup besides just installing it. Although, if you follow the instructions CORRECTLY (which includes spelling of ETC, in my case ;) ) then you should have NO problems.

  4. I'm not sure what I did wrongly... (there are no error messages or anything...) But when I start the master, it says "waiting for connection..." and stops there. Nothing happens, even after I start all the slaves on other computers on the network.

    When I go to the manager, under the Computers tab, there are no slaves displayed.

    Does anyone know a fix for this? Thanks.


  5. I just spent over 8 hours trying to install it on a Win XP Pro and now I'am not sure if it's even ment to work properly on Windows. I think the developers don't want that at all. Just imagine the case, suddenly millons of little billgatesmonsters would be able to build supercomputers! :(

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