Blender Workshop in Krems, Austria

If you live nearby Krems – Austria, Karl Kühberger will teach a Blender Workshop at Danube University Krems.

Here is the full description of the Workshop by Karl Kühberger:

The Danube University Krems (Austria) has invited me to teach Blender in a workshop of five full days. The workshop will be held in German language and will take place in the time between 26th to 28th of August (3 days modeling and texturing) and 27th to 28th of September (2 days rigging and animation).

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Blender training life-changing in Nigeria

Hands-on training in NigeriaApart from the fact that Blender is extremely good software, I also view it as a very strong enabling technology: Blender is able to provide people – who would normally not be able to afford 3D training – the opportunity to start a career in 3D.

Most of Africa falls in the above category. Therefore, when I was recently invited as a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer to present a 7-day introductory Blender workshop in Nigeria, I decided to go despite rumours about the country – and was pleasantly surprised by what I experienced there at ground level…

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