Adds Tutorial Section

The Freezing Moon Foundation has been working on improving it’s website among other things since the last time they’ve been featured here on BlenderNation.  Along with those improvements, a tutorials page is being developed, which has been already populated with quite a few neat tutorials mainly related to our beloved Blender and GIMP apps.  Check it out and keep an eye on it for constant updates and more tutorials!

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CG Cookie Announces Citizen Program has launched a special membership deal, called CG Cookie Citizen Program!  Now you can get everything on,, and any upcoming content for just $10 USD a month.  Check it out!

Tutorial, Texturing a Head with GLSL

Lile Hanson has created an excellent tutorial on using the new GLSL preview feature. He shows you how to combine different layers, by painting them onto your model in Texture Paint mode using the paint brush. This is similar to masking two photos in Photoshop. I’ve been wanting this feature for a long time and it’s great to see it implemented in Blender.

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