FractureTools Tutorial

The FractureTools add-on is relatively unknown to the wider blender community, but no longer! Rainer Selvet has created a tutorial on how to use the pre-installed  addon inside Blender 2.56, so you’ll be blowing things up in no time!

After reading this tutorial you will be able to create fracture/shatter animations like in this video. Adds Tutorial Section

The Freezing Moon Foundation has been working on improving it’s website among other things since the last time they’ve been featured here on BlenderNation.  Along with those improvements, a tutorials page is being developed, which has been already populated with quite a few neat tutorials mainly related to our beloved Blender and GIMP apps.  Check it out and keep an eye on it for constant updates and more tutorials!

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The Process Diary – Poly-Modeling a Human Figure (Part 4)

Paul Caggegi (creator of the Process Diary,) has been working on a series of video tutorials on poly-modeling a human figure.  This month’s episode is the fourth video in the series, covering the boots and hands.

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[dot]Blend Magz 02

blend_magz_02_fullcover_webBlender Indonesia has just released the second issue of their e-magazine, .Blend Magz! Complete with community news, artwork, tutorials, and interviews (including an interview with yours truly,) this magazine shows an impressive arsenal of work. Congratulations, Blender Indonesia Army! Check it out now!

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