Lighthouse by Promotion Studios and Exopolis

Here is a fantastic work from Promotion Studios. Great job guys!

James Neale (producer), Stefan Wernik (animation director), Matt Ebb (lighting/shading/td), Tristan Lock (lead modeller), Jeremy Davidson (lead animator), Kim Neale (matte painting), with Lee Salvemini (animator), Hamed Zaghaghi (ocean sim development), Enrico Valenza (assistant texture artist)

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“U2 3D” Film Director Selected as SIGGRAPH 2008 Featured Speaker

(Chicago, IL) – ACM SIGGRAPH announced the selection of Irish Artist and Director Catherine Owens, best known for her staging and film work with the Irish rock band U2, as a featured speaker for SIGGRAPH 2008 to be held in Los Angeles this August. Owens will present “Giving Technology Emotion: From the Artist’s Mind to ‘U2 3D’,” which details her co-directing and producing experiences during production of the film “U2 3D”, the first digital 3D, multi-camera, real-time production.

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PC World (Australia) Using Blender for Processor Evaluation and Benchmarking

by Roland Hess

While we all know that Blender doesn’t need to prove itself anymore, it’s nice to see things like this. It appears the Blender is being used by the evaluation department at PC World Australia for benchmarking and comparing new processors.

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