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Wrist Watch

By Alon Budker.


  • SmartDen

    nice modeling and visualisation. the wind up wheel is on the wrong sinde, isn't it?

    • Alon Budker

      It is, indeed :D

    • Brian Lockett

      Actually, left-handed watches do exist. :)

  • Cono Garcia Berrotaran

    Did you use any blueprint to do it? I wanna start modeling one but i need something some blueprint to do it

    • Alon Budker

      I didn't use a blueprint, but I used a referance image for the ideas.
      I looked for it and I cant find it :|
      I'll inform you if I find it. Just google: Watch, Wristwatch, clock, good luck regardless.

      • Cono Garcia Berrotaran

        Alrighty, i'll try :)
        I was actually trying to do the inside as well, i guess i'll figure something out

    • Alon Budker

      No, I haven't. Google: Wristwatch, watch... for referance.
      You can then just eyeball it.

  • Robo3Dguy

    Cycles or Blender Internal? Beautiful work by the way :)

    • Alon Budker


  • danilius

    Gorgeous work. Great attention to detail, lighting and the background makes for a photo-real result!

    • Alon Budker

      Thank you!

  • rolbit

    Nice model! Did you set the hands to that time on purpose? I think watch showcasing is usually done with the hands set to 10h10 or 01h50 so it looks more balanced.


    • Alon Budker

      I set them randomly.
      Just rotated untill it looked good enough ;)

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