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  • rickisen

    Nice! Awesome use of the anisotropic shader.

    I like it. But what is it?

    • Blender Head No. 1337

      Exactly what I was thinking.

      • tylosaurusrex

        The ion source is part of an isotope ratio mass spectrometer, which takes gas evolved from a sample (usually carbon dioxide) and ionizes it by hitting it with electrons. The nodes and leads that you see coming out of the large base provide the energy to the plates, which focus the ion beam and send it down a flight tube, not pictured here. I'll probably end up modeling more of the IRMS as time permits, but this is the most interesting looking part of the system.

        As for the shader, I learned it from Andrew Price's awesome tutorial. Thanks for the comments!

        • rickisen


          That's a bit more specific than I expected, but very interesting. Are you doing this as part of a paid job for some manufacturer/researchers or is it something you do because your inner geek tells you it must be done?

          • tylosaurusrex

            A bit of both actually. I work with these machines in my day job, and do video and 3d stuff in my spare time, and I always wanted to combine the two. I have a potential client to do just this sort of thing, and this was a result of a test build that I made for them. I figured while I was at it I would share it with the community!

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