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  • fergoblender

    I love it :D Did you use the cloud generator for this? I also like the bright light coming out of the cloud shapes!

  • Petr Utinek

    its that all done in blender only and how ?:)

  • Ben Amend

    This looks great! What's the material setup like?

  • Nathan

    Yes - truly awesome - unlike anything else I've seen.

    Would love even the slightest hint to how this was made.

  • Ed Lazor

    Thank you for the kind words. This composite is from three separate blender render layers. The screen shot ( ) is of the torus portion of the image.

    Basically I use the Blender Cloud Generator to create voxel clouds. (Cloud Generator / Explosion / Particles on) I like to use a smaller amount of particles then push the particles around a bit with forces to get a nicer shape. Those renders are then composited in CS5 After Effects. I could comp in Blender though I'm much faster at comping in AE. The clouds and color come from Blender and the rays in the center of the torus is an AE radial blur from a third cloud added over the scene. This is processed in linear light (Blender export EXR files) so I have excellent control of color.
    Best regards,

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