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  • Juan Carlos Meza Gómez

    Felicidades Claudia/Congratulations Claudia

    Buenísima imagen/Very good image
    Me encantan los colores/Love colors

    • Claudia Hernández Ascencio

       Muchas gracias un gran saludo :D
      A big hello thank you very much :D

  • Bernieman Tux

    Great. A cool idea. I like that

    • Claudia Hernández Ascencio

       Thank you very much ^_^

  • JoolsMcFly

    Nice idea, very colourful. :)

    • Claudia Hernández Ascencio

       Thank you very much, I like color pictures n_n

  • Walshlg

    So Simple  and compelling!  Please, I want to go play there.

    • Claudia Hernández Ascencio

       How nice comment, I also like to stage me, thank you very much and a big hello :D

  • Satriatomat

    Like the color composition... :)

    • Claudia Hernández Ascencio

       Thank you very much, a big hello =)

  • Steven Firman

    How did you do that????

    • Claudia Hernández Ascencio

       They are extruded curves, colors consecutive, rendered with cycles, 120 samples, 1 sunlight and emit light two planes

  •ández-Ascencio/1675297846 Carmen Rosalia Hernández Ascen

    chiiii esa es mi hermana pura chingoneria!!!!!!!!! FELICIDADES PRECIOSA nos enorgulleces mucho! ^.^ y te amamos mas oojojojo

    • Claudia Hernández Ascencio

       Mi corazón hermoso, muchas gracias mi bebe preciosa ^_^

  • Joster

    First time leaving a comment on the cover picture.  This one really pops out!! 
    lovely picture:)

    • Claudia Hernández Ascencio

      Thank you very much, a big hello =)

  • Tom

    Brilliant Camen!!!!!!



  • terry

    Just gives one a warm feeling with the choice of colors and the simple yet appealing design.
    Very nice. 

  • Bart Veldhuizen

    I resurrected this header image today as I didn't have a good submission and I was looking for something colorful.

    • norberto idiart

      Great choice ! Beautiful colored form

    • Roel Koster

      Spent almost a day to recreate something like this.. thought up a python
      spiralling algo, auto creating connecting cylinders, but I'm not clever
      enough to get it as cool as this..
      my cylinders keep intersecting and not fitting nicely like these ones..
      I'm looking at some fractal function, am I right?
      Anyhow, anybody who has more info than "extruded curves" please step forward ;-)
      I would love to hear if this is possible in blender with the standard modifiers..
      This looks like an import or a clever python script to me..

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