The Internet 3D Database

A new 3d related website has been released recently. It’s the Internet 3D Database, also known as I3DDB. It features a large and growing library of 3d related data and websites. The site’s well organized collection includes information about 3d artists, movies, software, plug-ins, studios, developers, galleries, reels, trailers and much more.

Blender and Sintel are listed under the “software” and “short film” categories respectively. It runs with the help of the web site’s users, and you can even submit your own artwork or demo reel to the gallery.


Meshmixer is a novel standalone program (free) for creating new models by combining different meshes. Developed by Ryan Schmidt, it has some really interesting tools for smoothly blending between different meshes, deforming meshes with control ponts, as well as deleting parts of a mesh without making holes in it. Take a look at the video for a better idea of the programs capabilities.

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