BlenderNation Turns 8!

Following up on Blender’s 20th birthday (please remember to share your personal Blender story, if you haven’t done already!), BlenderNation now also celebrates its birthday. It’s hard for me to comprehend this, but it’s been 8 YEARS since I started BlenderNation (on the infamous domain at that time ;-)! Hardly a day has passed where I haven’t spent some time collecting your stories and giving you a podium, it’s a kind of addiction :)

I’d like to give all of you a BIG THANK YOU, both for creating such wonderful projects as well as coming to BlenderNation every day, reading the news and adding to the discussion.

If you’d ever like to financially support BlenderNation (which would very, very, very much appreciated!), then please consider:


Now, on for some fun facts!

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This Week: Testing Disqus Comments

I’m giving the Disqus commenting system another try this week. I have a love/hate relationship with the default WordPress commenting system, and am curious if Disqus is going to make conversations and moderation any easier. The biggest attractors for me are ease of management, and the opportunity for everyone to post images in their comments (like for a weekend contest ;-). I’ve used Disqus in the past, but returned to WordPress when I ran in to some issues – hopefully these are fixed now. What do you think? Do you like this system, or do you prefer traditional WordPress commenting?

Update: I’ve seen an overwhelmingly positive response to this week’s test. Yes, there are some issues with Disqus but then again this is true for most solutions. I’ve seen the conversation rate go up which is the most important indicator for me that it’s a better tool for supporting discussions. I’ll keep Disqus on the site!

BlenderNation: Header Graphics

Did you know you can click on the header graphics on BlenderNation and leave comments? Give it a try! Also, you can always access previous headers using the ‘Art > Headers‘ menu. Finally, I’m always looking for new graphics. The rules for acceptance are a little fuzzy – mainly I’m looking for quality art work with a composition that works well in the header format (1000 x 288 pixels). If you have something that you think fits, please submit it here. Thanks :)

How to add a Profile Picture on BlenderNation

blendernation comments

I saw a few comments recently that made me realize that it’s not clear how you can add a profile picture to your BlenderNation profile. Like many other blogs, we’re using a service called Gravatar to link your email address to your profile image. Just register there (for free, of course) and upload your image. The nice thing about Gravatar is that it makes it easy to change your profile picture everywhere at once. Enjoy :)

BlenderNation is 7 Years Old!

old blendernation logoDang, I missed it – BlenderNation had its birthday last week!! What started as an experiment has grown into a serious part of work – for the last seven years I have spent almost every single day sifting through Blender news and posting it here. I’m still enjoying it a lot, but as you can imagine it takes a lot of time to maintain this site.

That’s why I’m asking for a small gesture of support: if you’re ever ordering something from (the US site), please consider going through this affiliate link (you’ll also find it on the homepage). That’ll give me a small percentage of every sale, without disclosing any personal information. The credits are used for gifts for my family ;-) Thanks!