AMD Videocard Users – Make Yourselves Heard!

Ton Roosendaal published this call yesterday. While AMD is making progress with their development of OpenCL (the framework these cards use for GPU acceleration), it advances slowly and not nearly at the speed of Cuda, the NVidia analogue. You’ll find more information on this issue on the Blender Wiki.

Fluid Designer – Extending Blenders Data

After he posted another preview of the modifications to Blender’s user interface in Fluid Designer, developer Andrew Peel received a number of requests for a more in-depth explanation of his work. In this video, he’s giving a good intro into modifying Blender’s UI. In addition, you can now download his scripts from GitHub.

I must say I’m astonished to see this level of flexibility using Python scripts in Blender – I didn’t know you had this kind of control. Did you?

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