Big Buck Bunny in 4K 3D Stereo 60fps


Here’s another impressive example of the power of open content: Janus Kristensen has converted Big Buck Bunny to a 4K, 3D, 60FPS version, and rendered everything on BURP, the online rendering platform. The project took 3 years to complete and today Janus shares all his results and files. (The header on the project’s homepage has an awesome easter egg by the way ;-)

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‘Against Another’ – Community movie project based on Big Buck Bunny

against-anotherAn international group of Blender Maya users are working on their own version of Big Buck Bunny. Their story:

The Story will be based of the BBB movie. The squirrel is possessive, and wants to get rid off all other animals from the forest by making traps to get rid of his first arch enemy, The Bird, who doesn’t care about what the squirrel think and get on with his daily life.

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