“Meshflow” SIGGRAPH Paper with Blender Based Research

Meshflow, a system for interactively viewing how artists construct meshes in 3D applications, was presented in a paper at this years SIGGRAPH conference. The researchers used Blender to capture the modelling process for several kinds of complex models, and then used the meshflow system to cluster the modelling operations into expandable chunks, allowing the viewer to replay the modelling process at an overview level, or to dive in deeper to see each operation in the process, all whist being able to view the model from any angle.

From the paper’s abstract:

The construction of polygonal meshes remains a complex task in Computer Graphics, taking tens of thousands of individual operations over several hours of modeling time. The complexity of modeling in terms of number of operations and time makes it difficult for artists to understand all details of how meshes are constructed. We present MeshFlow, an interactive system for visualizing mesh construction sequences.

MeshFlow: Interactive Visualization of Mesh Construction Sequences