Weekend Contest Winner – Relativity

24 - Kyriakos Tsilavis - Escher

I was a little afraid that this weekend contest’s topic might be too hard – creating an interpretation of a famous painting is quite a challenge. But Eric Varela was right – it proved to be a wonderfully inspiring task! As a Dutchman, I especially enjoyed how many Dutch painters were represented: Mondriaan, Van Gogh, Vermeer and Escher.

Kyriakos Tsilavis’s interpretation of ‘Relativity’ by MC Escher was the clear winner this week.

Kyriakos – awesome job! You’ll also get to pick the topic for next weekend! Please email me at bart @ this site and let me know what everyone should be spending their time on :)

Read on for the runners up and enjoy the art!

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Weekend Contest Winner: Balloon Ride at Sunrise

45 - Eric Varela - Balloon Ride at Sunrise

Eric Varela claims another winning with his entry ‘Balloon Ride at Sunrise’ – a wonderfully warm AND low-poly (who can resist a low-poly design? ;-) image. Eric’s first winning entry was ‘All abooooooooooooooard! Next stop: Funkytown!‘.

Like the last weeks, the theme ‘Above the Clouds‘ sparked a lot of creativity, and I’ll be sharing the top entries below.

Eric – you know how it works,you get to pick next week’s theme!

And thanks for all your wonderful work everyone!

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