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Review: Advanced Fluid Dynamics In Blender DVD

logo-splatter.jpgRecently, Jason “Groo” Van Gumster (Fweeb) announced on BA that he had been working with cmiVFX on a 3 hour training DVD for Blender entitled “Advanced Fluid Dynamics In Blender.” Thanks to cmiVFX, BlenderNation got a look at the DVD. Read on to see if we help you answer the question, at $60 USD, is the video worth it?

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Erroneous: Blender Model Repository Moves


**Looks like we got this one wrong and I personally blew it. It seems that BMR hasn’t moved, but is just off-line temporarily. The site I link to here is a private site NOT BMR. Sorry for the mis-information, we got a bit confused! I sincerely apologize to katorlegaz.com for all the trouble I’ve caused. From Andrew Kator:

While we appreciate the attention to our models from this post, I must point out (as has Bill) that our site is *not* the new BMR. At the top of the models page, above the licensing: “The Blender 3D Model Repository has moved, with a new version of the community archive hosted by new owners. Please change your bookmarks accordingly.” The community archive, meaning an archive of models created by people other than us, has moved. Unfortunately, the “new” BMR was hacked in early December. The last public communication from the new owners was that they would try to have the new BMR back ASAP. From our past experience from hosting the BMR, it is not a simple process to keep hackers and other problems at bay. I am sure that when the new BMR is back online, it will be better capable of handling the communities needs.

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