Cut out animation in Blender

While some of you may be familiar with these animations, (one was nominated for the 2007 Suzanne awards) they are some excellent examples of cutout animation done utilizing Blender and GIMP. And well worth spotlighting. See a couple videos embedded after the cut and a link to more at their Vimeo gallery.

You can for more info about the artists at their blog here.

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Modeling a soccer ball

This is a pretty good step by step tutorial on modeling a soccer ball in Blender. There is one possible change I’d make to the tutorial.

Note: This tutorial is great for a simple prop in the background. But it doesn’t stand up in accuracy. Upon reviewing the tutorial further and receiving comments this is indeed not a completely accurate representation of a soccer/football. For a video demonstrating how to create an accurate version see here.

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Review: Modeling a Female Body

This post is a review of the Body modeling DVD created by Jonathan Williamson of Montage Studio. If you don’t know about Jonathan Williamson or Montage Studio I recommend browsing our past posts here at Blendernation or checking out They have a blog they keep up to date on the latest happenings at the studio.

In this review, I’ll do my best to touch on each topic covered on the DVD, so the reader can get an understanding on whether or not this DVD is for them, as well as describe the quality of the content.

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