Remesh Modifier Documentation

Nicholas Bishop has written up some documentation for the currently in development remesh modifier, which converts arbitrary meshes into quad-based surfaces. If you’re wondering what it does you can read through the new docs, or take a look at some of the example videos showing it in use. The remesh modifier is scheduled for release in Blender 2.62.

Remesh Modifier Documentation on the Blender Wiki

Amor Sacro

Amor Sacro (sacred love) is a short film that was shown at the Sitges Film Festival this week. The visual effects for the wings were all done in Blender. It was also projected at the Capitol Cinema in Madrid on Thursday 27th of October.

LondonBUG Meetup November 10th

Ben Simonds writes:

London Blenderheads rejoice! I’ve been chatting with a few blenderheads in the London area and we’re definitely going to set up a usergroup, and we’re going to meet up sometime soon, and keep it going as a regular thing. For the first meetup we’re just aiming to find some other BlenderHeads in the area and say hello, but for future meetups we’ll aim to get somewhere with a projector/screen for demoing stuff etc. Hope to see you all there!

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Alembic and Cortex Support in Blender


Developer of the Ramen Compositor Est77 has also been busy investigating adding support for the open framework for cached geometry data Alembic, and VFX toolset library Cortex into blender. He’s even released an experimental build featuring early work on support for the two libraries. Hopefully future work on the two tools will make blender a more versatile option for VFX pipelines.


Update: here’s some in-depth information about Alembic.

Elipse AR Uses Blender

Elipse AR is a development company that creates augmented reality solutions for mobile devices. They are currently developing a cross platform AR engine for android and iOS, and they use blender for almost all of their 3D work.Their pet mascot for example was created and rigged in Blender.