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7 Blender Features All Beginners Need to Know

Regus Ttef lists a number of somewhat hard to find featured in Blender that he found very helpful.

Regus Ttef writes:

Over the last year using Blender I've found some really useful shortcuts and features. so I though I would compile a short list of some of the most useful ones that I use almost everyday. This article is geared towards beginners but more experienced users could find they missed a few of these.


  • Marc Clint Dion

    Excellent post, there is something very useful to me there, thanks!

    • Regus Ttef

      Thank you! Glad it could help!

  • Sonike

    Thanks for the post!

    • Regus Ttef

      No Problem.

  • Mircea Kitsune

    I use Blender for a few years now, and I didn't know about many of these. Very useful post!

    • Regus Ttef

      Glad you found it useful!

  • FutureHack

    I use Progressive Refine also and find myself wishing we could spend some developer time optimizing the performance of that excellent feature.

    • Regus Ttef

      Same here. I hope a dev looks into improving it.

  • Mehmet Pinarci

    nice one

    • Regus Ttef


  • young_voter

    I like the articles but the title should have been, "
    7 Blender Features All Experts Need to Know"

  • John Garrett

    Awesome. I learned quite a few tricks in your article that I can't wait to try out.

    • Regus Ttef


  • Josemaria RRA

    Good article. I disagree on one thing, though. Progressive refine is only better if you don't know how many samples it takes for the picture to become clean. Otherwise it is much slower. The reason why they make it render in tiles is because it can speed up the render times: multi-threading.

    • Regus Ttef

      IF you do know how many samples you need yes. But if you don't. (a large group, probably the majority) Then this method is better, under estimate. you would have to re-render. Over and wasting a lot of time.

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