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Developer Meeting Notes: August 10, 2014

Thomas Dinges shares the notes from yesterday's meeting in, #blendercoders.

Thomas writes:

1) Upcoming 2.72 release

  • Pie Menus and Freestyle for Cycles are almost ready for merge, final checks and merge should happen in the upcoming days.
  • Sergey and Lukas will have a final look into the compositor patch and it'll likely go to master as well.
  • All BF developers should focus on the bugtracker in the coming weeks.

2) Current projects

  • Dalai showed update of Multiview development, and Lukas showed updates on the new Hair system. (See the video here)
  • Custom split normals dev keeps going on, got first general approval from Campbell. (temp_custom_loop_normals branch)

3) Google Summer of Code

  • GSoC is almost over, it's the last week now. Every student should write a final report in the wiki, document their work. Include nice images or even videos and go through your results! If you want to publish your results on the blog as well, ask us for an account.


About Author

Chris Plush

Chris Plush is a lead trainer and co-founder of the Blender training website CG Masters. Chris has been working with computer graphics for over 14 years and also worked on the open-game project Yo Frankie! at the Blender Institute in Amsterdam.


  • Gleb Alexandrov

    Hair system update looks brilliant, especially regarding the realtime nature of it. Followed the link, and it's a pure joy to watch these behind the scene production logs of Gooseberry!

    • lapineige

      This realtime accurate collision for hair is just amazing. Realtime with something like 1000 hairs or so. Can't wait for that !!! :-)

      And yeah, it's funny to see the background ;-P

  • Dimitar Pouchnikov

    Any word on the progress of nurbs from gsoc?

    • Brian Lockett

      I also hope we hear some word about the Interactive Remesh Modifier. I hope things went well. If not, I guess there's always next year. *sheds a tear*

  • mike kelly

    ok finally something to look forward to, new hair system, gonna be sweet. gotta catch up on GSOC.

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