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Cap'n Shmelly and the Sperm Whale (Blender Compositing)

Sacha Goedegebure (of Big Buck Bunny fame) has been working on a side project that involves a lot of Blender work.

Sacha Goedegebure writes:

Currently I'm working in Omens Studios, a small local studio in Singapore. In between commercial work and a series, we recently managed to finish our very short animation Cap'n and the Sperm Whale. Blender was (only) used for (animatics) editing, texture creation and compositing.

Blender integration is a tough process which takes a lot of time and research, and compositing was the first big step in that direction. Next big ones will be lighting/rendering and rigging/animation.

About Shmelly:
As a story, Cap’n Shmelly doesn't take itself serious at all. There are enough of such movies out there that people can watch. Execution in design and production however, we tried to push it to the fullest.


  • Karlis Stigis

    Good work and humor is actually quite good also.


    Totally funny ....... I love it!!!

  • Thomas Nordstrøm

    Brilliant, in every aspect of it!! :) :)

  • blend raphi

    I like it!

  • spproplus

    Very well done!

  • AgitAngst

    Not funny and vulgar.

  • Brendan Orr

    Very nice! I like the subtle deformation as the Capt'n was walking on the whale's skin. Dynamic Paint?

    • jimbo45uk

      he notes that Blender was only used for animatics texture creation and compositing ... but nice to see it used as part of the process in an animation of this calibre :)

      • Brendan Orr

        Ah, would've helped if I read the blurb! That's what I get for jumping straight into the animation.

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