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The Horror of Cycles Baking!

A very cool teaser video for Blender Guru's upcoming tutorial on Cycles baking.


  • S-Farantopoulos

    soooo, let me put my oculus rift ( I wish...) aside.
    And now I will blender to make some flowers.

    Aside from joking, great job! I keep waiting and searching for the next full-scale game from Blender. With Cycles baking it might be one...step...closer....! (teaser's music)

  • astrand130

    The horror of cycles baking? thats a great way to advertize a feature, makes it sounds really easy and stress free.

    • Divine Providence

      Yeah, I figured the video had a horror theme, but when I read the headline I first thought "Wait, it's difficult???" before I came to that conclusion.

      The video scared the pants off of me though LOL. I wish it hadn't though, because I needed something to catch the **** I dropped. LOL

  • fab

    Cycles baking is pretty cool, but UV unwrapping really needs some improvement. Lightmap pack doesn't respect faces size, and Smart unwrap is great but only work on one object at a time... No way you want to join all your level objects before baking them, and separate them after.

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